One of the benefits of having the deluxe model laptop to work with, is the advanced document retrieval system. The system has a built in temporary file system, where your work is automatically saved, independent of whether you give the command to save the file or not. You may also draw the file out of that temporary folder, if your system looses power suddenly, called autosave.

Since my blog is either formatted in wordpad or notepad, which is a real time document, like most systems are, even in most versions of word. I like to write blog posts in my own word processing program, to utilize the autosave feature I’ve grown so accustomed to, on this processing system. Having spent the extra, I find this goes the extra mile in the matter of document retrieval.

It’s a luxury I like to enjoy with all my word processing of any substance.

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It occurs to me that this document has very little in common with the word format I’m accustomed to using.  Therefore, it obviously has different properties than word.   In fact, I think it’s notepad, which I have never specifically used anywhere else, but I guess I don’t mind addressing it somewhat.  It seems somewhat elementary, but I can manage, long as I don’t loose power.

My Ladykin has been here, in my humble abode, with her helter skelter computer.  Always lost in the bowels of her system works, who knows what she’s trying to accomplish?  She works hard, and produces nothing, apparently.  The dictionary in this program is very limited.  The document she’s trying to write does not stand a chance of becoming documented.

It seems she does not know the basic commands in word.

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Hope you enjoyed my little piece on the government cover up.  It’s the real thing, you know.  For many, Woodstock was not an idyllic summer in the sun.  It was an Alice In Wonderland nightmare.  I didn’t go.  My experience happened in the South, at the university I was attending.  I’ve often wondered whether it was a karma thing, or was it just the way things go?  I guess I’ll never know.  I’m not certain I want to know.

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The concept of means of exchange has been re-initiated in America, much to the chagrin of many. FDR’s Great Society has been overturned by great numbers of hippies and flower children imposing on the system, with our desperate reaction to our psychedelia, in spite of the advantages it set up for psychology and psychiatry, because of the debilitating psychosis we were reduced to.

The ensuing psychosis, mental illness, disability – call it what you will, has been set forth in too great numbers of young people, by the end of the 1970s, at too great a price to government generosity, to do anything but shut down Federal Welfare altogether. The numbers didn’t fit, and even the great and powerful US of A has to make the numbers fit somehow. We’re talking millions of kids.

Psychosis was the prevailing reaction to ingesting all forms of psychedelia, in fact, it was an epidemic at Woodstock, Haight Ashbury, and all across the nation, in the early 1970s. It was a government cover up also. Attempt to keep the gasoline off the fire. People cast themselves on the country, and we’re talking about handling a major epidemic of mental illness in this country.

Like it or not, the country and the world function based on a means of exchange, and the free ride, paid for by a reasonable taxation of the workforce, has been too greatly imposed upon, and canceled as a method of exchange. Now it’s either Money, or Time Value of Money, in exchange for goods and services. The plan is to transition payment to Time Value of Money altogether.

With the Time Value of Money, Credit, there are four values in the equation. Present Value, Future Value, Payment and Percentage Rate. It’s next to impossible to keep track of all those variables in your thinking. The note holder wins, the payor looses. It’s that simple. If you break the values down to easy payments, you end up paying more than the actual value of what you’re buying.

If the only way you can possess comforts, is to pay less over a longer period of time, you’ve got to accept that you are over paying for the item. The plan is to convert all payment to the Time Value of Money, in order to have a winner and looser in every transaction. This is the current plan for the Have Not’s to at least have temporary possession of goods and services. Nothing is free or fair in life.

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I guess the crisis I’m facing at this point, is the fact that Annie MacGuire actually had something of substance to say to me today, as opposed to reposing in that angelic stoicism of hers all the time.  If it were a penny for her thoughts, I got a fortune’s worth today.  She really didn’t chew me out, except that she was not positive about my isolationism.  Didn’t give me any ultimatums though.  I’ve managed to toggle the panic button, down to a low roar by now.

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Writing in pursuit of a little bit of sanity.  Sanity evades, I pursue.  It’s been quite the cat and mouse game over the years, and in someways, I think I’m gaining on it some.  Just let me pronounce myself cured, and five minutes later, all the schmidt’ll hit the fan.  I can see it all over the walls right now.  I’ll be riding that twister day in, day out, the rest of my life.  I’ll never break loose, and don’t care.

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There was that hidden cavern, that cavity of capacity, unanticipated and unexpected, which filled and emptied with each impulse of breathing.  Everyone and no one knows that surge of all of capacities, which is the very soul of living and of being alive.  This in itself, is the magic and the mystery of the sacred crack between the worlds.

Each impulse to practice this sanctity, since that initial event, which first drew your attention to it, has become an increasingly vivid lesson in practicing.  Your practice of this sacred impulse is going to entirely exhale or expire one day, and will eventually be no more.  This is part of the circle of life, which is, is not, and then again is.

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