Next Time

Don’t waste my time with metaphor and hyperbole, claiming he’s your buckler and your shield. Just tell me in plain language exactly what you plan to do with the information the next time you’re in conflict. Your faith is all fine and dandy, when it gets you just plain nowhere. If it’s only chapter and verse, I don’t want to hear it. I need to know the God in the trenches.

Struggling with the real issues of life, the why’s and wherefore’s of looking down the double barrels of death, I just happen to have a living God who keeps me, comforts and sustains me, when the worst comes down the pike. The time arrives when I don’t understand the math, but he’s with me throughout, with all the divisions and multiplications.

Make your tangible relationship with the Almighty a significance to contemplate and nurture. There’s a time coming when you’ll need the only viable answer to your most important of all questions. It’s so personal a question no living creature has it to give to you, except for him of all time. I speak riddles and judgments, but you will absolutely need him then.

Oh yes, I’ve seen the scripture and lightship with the Lord God of Hosts aboard. I’ve seen the funny looking guy on the mountainside, whom no one ever saw before or since. I’ve been isolated in a cinder block room and on a stage in front of hundreds. I’ve taken my bow with a kiss on each cheek, and said goodbye to a forfeit future. There are friends of mine all round the world.

There happens to be no significance to a barren, empty page, until you turn to fill it, like you do an empty stage. If it takes a gun to your head to get you to do that, you are definitely in the wrong line of work. Filling up pages for obscure purposes I suppose is my maker’s idea. Whatever is going on with all this, I absolutely have to continue, and cannot be remiss.

There is a significance in life’s question I had once, and I had to know the answer to live. Not knowing would have destroyed me and torn me apart. It was that immediate. It was nothing simple like God is love, or anything like that. It was my own, person question, my own, personal answer. Only God knew the question. Only God knew the answer.

I was on the brink, on the verge of disaster. My life expectancy at that moment was just about zilch. I was beyond seeking help from any person or direction, but the help was there because the relationship was there. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. It’s where the rubber meets the road. It’s where the cry was unutterable, the tacit dialogue understood.

Let me cry out I survived. That is what I’m saying to you about faith: when there’s the double barrels in your face, you must find a God who is more than poetry. That moment may come to you, when you’re going to need to know. It would be nice to have him there for you, not that you don’t already. But I thought I’d set this down, just in case.