The many years have passed us by

Like a tapestry we may not have noticed

How many have actually seen every feature of an exhibit

On display at a gallery when coursing by

They themselves be thorough or not

We are only as mature as we are going to be

In our toughest moments

In this haphazard life within a lifetime of experience

Already behind us well enough

All our own treasure trove of personal history

For our reasoning acumen

With someone’s legacy behind us

Whether it be ours own or not

We have life experience increasing daily

Like a ton of bricks around our necks

Or exalting us to whom we’ve become

Sewing us into the shackles or comforts we alone may know

You have you job and you family

Your commitments by the score are yours alone

We wear our burdens however we do

I have my small family and my walking troubles

From a terrible fall only I can know

And the proverbial ton of bricks

Around our necks

Mine’s almost weightless – yours?

George Geisinger


About geostan51

I'm a wordsmith and a craftsman. I've been known to hand crochet just about anything escept granny squares. I've got about twenty titles in my name on the Kindle Store at
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