The day came in my life that I made up my mind I wouldn’t be treated unkindly by anyone anymore. I didn’t get mean, but got seriously stubborn. She proved she didn’t know me at anytime while she was conducting this so called relationship of ours, which was false and contrived. She would not have done a stupid stunt like disapproving of my creativity if she had know me.

My basic nature is focus on making creative things happen in my life. Regardless of my chosen medium at any given moment, I have a basic need to be a considerably creative guy, with whatever’s in my hands at the moment. I got my dander up, and it’s still up, to this day. There was this woman who had this big idea that she could get me to stop writing at her behest. Silly girl.

Even the doctors at the states hospital understood well enough to put a piano in the day room.

She thought she could make me into her dream idol, or some such thing, while she, herself, was little more than a half wit who had no higher learning whatsoever. She thought she’d try to stop me from doing my creative writing and publishing, when she could not scarcely talk, herself? This girl was so bad she could scarcely articulate. She must have thought I didn’t notice, due to our humble surroundings. Who was she kidding?

Thought she could silence a seasoned, professional freelance writer, of all people, by simply insisting upon being as hostile and unkind as she could about the idea that I was better at something than she was? What kind of relationship is that? What did she do, have a resentment against her high school English teacher?

She tried to pick me apart and chew me out without having the slightest clue what she was talking about. One of my family values, from before I was even thought of, is as much higher education as one can put together. I don’t know anyone in my family who neglected to read regularly, or go to college. Another popular achievement among us was excelling in musical instruments.

This woman told me none of these things about herself, and she thought I didn’t notice?

She was under the a false impression that I would immediately turn 180 degrees about, and cease and desist being who I am as a person, to be her play-toy and her Ken doll, to submit to being created or destroyed as the inferior to the almighty woman she thought she was. She had no idea how many rejection letters from how many editors I was accustomed to receiving.

The other thing was that she could not inspire servitude from a life long, confirmed bachelor like myself, who has twice or three times the gray matter of anything she’ll ever have. I enjoy taking to people who have master’s degrees, PhD’s and medical degrees, anywhere from LPN to MD. Did she really believe she could capture the imagination of a guy like me?

At this late date in life, I’m so celibate I could probably reject a woman’s attentions – any woman’s attentions – except for a select few individuals whom I consider attractive, and could not dream of rejecting in the first place. Pursuant to this discussion, the woman in question does not qualify here. At the time referred to previously, I was concerned about being left isolated and alone in my elder years. This was my motivation for giving her a chance.

I’ve never been convinced I could make a lifetime commitment with anyone. This personal state of mind persists into my senior years. I’ve been in love, and lost forever, because of my financial incapacity and unstable medical condition. I must admit regret where that earlier decision is concerned. I know what what love is and struggle to have lost it.

I’m not the sort to have the wool pulled over my eyes for any great period of time.

This woman seems to have realized how indefatigable I can become, about being told to shut up by anyone. That sort of rhetoric only makes me mad. If I can’t shout the woman down, my typing gets fast and furious anyway. I was accustomed to playing the writing game way back when there was no better writing tool than an electronic typewriter. I thought this woman was an entirely different person than she turned out to be. I wonder about all her invitations in the first place.

I don’t understand what she thought she was doing? But then, there are an awful lot of brighter bulbs on the tree than this person could ever hold a candle to. I kept sending her long, involved email until she was good and tired of getting such darned good writing in her in-box, and then I just froze her out altogether. I’ve been a freelance writer since before she got fitted with braces.

She wasn’t doing anything for me that I couldn’t do without her, to issue an extremely mild statement about being another human being. She thought she wanted to date a guy like me, while she obviously had no remote concept of who that might be. She was an employee of the hospital. She swept and mopped floors, cleaned toilets. That job’s for idiots.

I’ll never attempt another job like being the Company Janitorial Staff again because it’s an occupation I did not enjoy. On the other hand, I don’t have a need to single an innocent person out, from that walk of life, and proceed to pick at them pointedly, with the ambition to provoke them to arbitrarily surrender their job,for no better reason than their supposed relationship with me.

Well, this is precisely the game this woman was playing with me, validated only by virtue of the fact that she would take a risk giving out her sacred contact information, and offer me an easy contact to relationship with her, personally, and an email address. I was an unstable psychiatric inpatient in the hospital where she works. I almost feel like reporting her to the administrator of the hospital.

I’m just grateful to have found a way to annoy her and get her out of my life, before something bad (I cant imagine what) happened to me. What was with her in the first place? She had come at me for a relationship, why not have one in the first place? She has a job in a psychiatric hospital. She’s supposed to have her brain matter a little ahead of a mental patient.

She was an employee of a and I was a lawful inpatient in a freaking laughing academy, for heaven’s sake. I guess that gave her the idea that I was fair game for her bend me, shape me, anyway she wanted me, or something, except that she’s not quite old enough to have heard the song when it was popular. It’s just that I’ve heard enough music to think such a way on occasion. Here she was sending her primitive email, finding fault with my writing style every time she responded to me.

She obviously knew nothing about the subject of creative writing, or related subjects. She knew nothing about application of anything like English Language usage or practices, much less any kind of advanced rhetoric, or any such thing that was anything like a college grad. This young lady could think of nothing better to do than complain this way and that, whenever I wrote her a creative email. I should have frozen her out altogether, long before I got around to doing it.

The gentleman doesn’t care to be unkind to the ladies if he can avoid doing it, and means no hostility to most everybody, but I’ve got my dander up about this woman. I’ve had decided that I was finally and at long last, willing to submit myself to being a boyfriend to somebody, and maybe something more than that later, but she was going to be unkind, and possibly dangerous out of no reasonable rationale, and start off by focusing on my writing, of all things.


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