The little unicorn, cousin to the gazelle, struts across the steppe, mistress of all she surveys. She prances and canters, like a young horse, except she isn’t nearly so big as a horse. The little unicorn steps and halts, now and then, to graze with impunity upon the sweet grasses of the steppe, as she carries herself with an innate elegance that would have made her daddy proud.

The little unicorn reaches down and drinks deeply from the waters of the steppe. As is customary with the predators of the steppe, they avoid the young unicorn. Nonetheless, the predators are making meat of the other vegetarians, which is only natural for them to do. The delicate gazelle, food for the big cats, could not remotely hope for the amnesty the unicorn can so easily enjoy.

The unicorn has the reputation for being one of the most cunning creatures on the steppe. If for no other reason, the predators have a kind of amnesty with the unicorn. Their flesh is known to have a distasteful, baleful reputation among the might-have-been-enemies. Predators, one and all, have long since given up all ambition to hunt the unicorn. Even so, the unicorns numbers are limited.

The fact that there are such limited numbers of unicorns, is supposed to have it’s origins in a genetic flaw unique among the species. This is the same flaw of derivation which is attributed to a whole host of magic powers, like spontaneous flight, for instance, which have become traditional with the tribes on the steppes of Africa, where the unicorn are known to be most plentiful.

The trees here and there, provide canopy for predators of the wild. There is no canopy of overhanging leaves for vegetarians, since predators rule the day. At the moment, a pride of lions are dissecting a vegetarian. The gore is unavoidable. Not so, the unicorn. Though she is vegetarian. She enjoys amnesty from all the running and dodging her cousin, the gazelle, has to endure.

There is a wealth of individual species, the great beasts Africa is famous for. There is the elephant, the hippo, and the rhino, for instance. There are many others, who make the steppes the fascinating, treacherous, deadly place to live and die, according to it’s reputation. Then, there are the men who hunt here. If they aren’t armed with blow guns, they are with bow and arrow.

On the far hills, on the lower altitudes of the mountain, there is rain. People and beasts are busy enough they scarcely notice, being caught up in more important tasks. Throughout the steppes, there is a matter of staying alive, which takes some concerted effort. They go about competing in a hunt of one sort or another. Staying alive is a matter of either applying one’s best, or giving up the ghost.

It is hard work dodging a predator, since they are just as agile as their game. But now, being the game has become that much the more complicated, the vegetarians are becoming hunted by tribesmen, while the hunters travel in packs. The entire business has become too complicated to win. Someone, probably a vegetarian, is going to die today. It’s life and death on the Steppe.

Then, there she is, the young unicorn in all her splendor, cantering across the way, when there came a girl, who was all of about eleven years old. The girl sneaks up behind the unicorn, where the young mare cannot see her coming. Nimble as only a child can be, the girl is up and perched on the unicorn’s back, just that quickly, and just as much without ceremony or effort.

The two youngsters take flight, according to the age old tradition. According to the tradition, there is a bit of history played out before the two young ladies. They see the entire visual history of hand crochet and basket weaving. The girl is not blanched, but is clear headed and ready for more. There’s a certain privilege of youth and the young lady unicorn proceeds with the human young lady.

It is because of the fullness of youth, the girl finds herself easily capable of taking on such a lengthy instruction, in at least another couple of handicrafts, subsequent to her initial instructions. The craft of hand knitting is next, and the girl easily devotes her attentions to her studies. The girl is bright and is in full command of her faculties. She’s devoted to her studies, and remembers them well.

The girl learns how to make a water vessel from a goat’s stomach, which will be a useful skill in the girl’s society. The unicorn lands then, and asks the girl for a drink of water, just to give the girl some time to think, practicing one of her many new-found crafts. The girl gets busy and produces a water vessel. She gives the unicorn a drink of water. At this point, the unicorn slips away.

Wishing to thank the unicorn, who had already moved on, the girl went off to attempt and to practice her many handicrafts. She had learned a lot from the flight of the unicorn. keeping herself busy, working the various handicrafts she learned, the girl finds she is occupied from sunup to sundown. There are plenty of skills to apply, with all the many lessons she’s had.

According to tradition, it would take the girl several sessions of rehearsal of each of her many crafts, for the girl to become proficient at each. She finds that after awhile, she has become versatile with each of her handicrafts she learned as a passenger aboard the back of the young unicorn. The girl’s proficiencies increase quickly, according to her avid application of her crafts.

Fortunately, her mother kept a significant supply of needles, hooks and yarn, to make available for her daughter’s experimentation. The mother has no idea what precipitated her daughter’s sudden interest in handicrafts, but at least the girl isn’t nagging her mother about it. With crochet hook and yarn, the girl experiments till she can make a couple of different hats.

The next she does is work at knitting until she can make a couple of hats that way. She expects the basic task with both would be about the same, but in actuality, the two tasks seem quite different. The girl is fascinated with her various handicrafts, and works at them all. She brings the sensation of working her handicrafts with her to meals, with her various tasks spinning in her head.


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I'm a wordsmith and a craftsman. I've been known to hand crochet just about anything escept granny squares. I've got about twenty titles in my name on the Kindle Store at Amazon.com.
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