The Steppe

 The magical cousin to the common gazelle, plodded along the steppes of Africa, without the slightest bit of comfort, anywhere in him. The new unicorn in town was a creature of enigmas, mysteries. It might have been out of fear, reverence, or even caution, creatures stood off from him. At any rate, the unicorn was monumentally uncomfortable when he arrived.

The other animals of the steppe felt ill-at-ease around this supposedly-magical creature, which was unusual. They sensed something was wrong, that something or other did not add up, and they were determined to discover what that was. This magical unicorn did not have his head together. It wasn’t that he was stupid. It was something else.

Even the simplest of beasts from the steppe could sense something was different.

One could only guess what the unicorn was like. He was giving no clues. He understood the people around him were uncomfortable, but he was not disposed to publishing a medical report to the community. There was an awkward barrier between himself and everyone else on the steppe. One had precious little tidbits of information about the new unicorn, nothing more.

According to his cousin, the common gazelle of the steppe, some of his behavior was scarcely acceptable. Thanks, cousin. But his wasn’t anything horrible. People were overly suspicious, but there was no relief for it. There was only something different about the unicorn, which folks had a difficult time putting their finger on. They finally decided the unicorn was only a Klutz.

Though his neighbors were more accustomed to the cousin of the gazelle causing miracles among the youth of the community, the times of the remarkable student were not yet forgotten. There happened to be those in the general population, who had been taught to accept nothing less than absolute perfection from the unicorn on duty.

This was not fair to the new unicorn’s chances of making a modest name for himself. This individual was not as dynamic as his predecessor. Therefore, the unicorn of the day was not as acceptable to the general population as the other guy was. The new kid in town was not so thick skinned to not have noticed the struggle the town was going through, either.

The unicorn was on the verge of being ostracized for the sole error of being himself.

This was an opinion held by more of the animals, as well as the humans. The humans didn’t care too much, at first. No one expected him, a first-rate unicorn, to be as contrary to the nature of creatures, as this one happened to be, but sure enough, this guy was worse than a common klutz.

This unicorn was nothing more than a nerd. So, there you have it, the labeling had completed.

The unicorn is known to have mastered the art of flight, without the use of an aircraft, although none of the other creatures, including the cousin, could ever have given any account of how it was he was actually able to fly. A youth would hop up on his back, and away they went. That much was up to code. In spite of whom he was replacing, this unicorn was determined to succeed.

That much was normal, and no decent unicorn, from anywhere, was about to let go of any trade secrets, to win anything from the town he where he was posted. There were all sorts of things which were parts of the magic of the unicorn, and this one was as quiet as a sound chamber regarding every last one of them. This magical creature would just take the attitude, and ride it out.

No one, either on the steppe, nor in the village, had enough basic insight into the realities of the situation, to imagine, in their wildest dreams, what was actually going on. They could attribute the strange goings on as being magic, nothing less. The unfolding of history was another miracle, bequeathed to those who looked for some kind of picture show, when they flew.

It was because of the vivid imagination of the youth, the show inspired the manifestation of flight. The one idea that made the two of them fly, unicorn and youth, was the over-active imagination of the youth. That secret never gotten out, for the longest time. There’s really nothing wrong with being a Klutz. The unicorn and the youth would exercise their magical powers as they pleased.

The unicorn was unconcerned about any kind of trouble. When the serious game of the steppe became a matter of survival, the unicorn simply walked away, using every bit of clout of the ages. Predators were well schooled on the exceptionally cunning nature of the unicorn. The unicorn was as safe as he believed himself to be, based on a long standing tradition. Not much more.

Unicorns weren’t considered a tasty game to be devoured, with any of the predators on the steppe. Moreover, the unicorn was considered distasteful to carnivores. They had a bad reputation where game was concerned. The carnivores were conditioned to look the other away when a unicorn walked by. It was a truce the one animal had arranged with the other a long time ago.

Neither was interested in breaking the truce.

Suddenly, a boy jumped up on the back of our very strange unicorn, and the very unusual, usual thing happened. The two of them flew a long ways off. The history of some remote time and place would begin playing out for the unicorn and the boy, with both of them innocently watching over the unicorn. It was inexplicable.

The time and place of the advent of this phenomenon were never well known. To be under the spell of something truly unusual, boggled the minds of unicorn and boy alike. The fact that this thing truly happened was utter magic. Or so they thought. This unicorn was convinced there was a perfectly rational explanation for all of this. It was just not known yet.

Not only could the boy, himself, not explain the apparition, the unicorn couldn’t explain it either. This particular mystery would not yield it’s meaning to anyone, because neither participant had any unusual observation to make. The cause of such a phenomenon was just not known yet. The participants in the mystery were utterly devoid of empirical data.

Boys enjoyed riding along on a unicorn’s back, whenever they were able to mount the relatively small back. The boys would chase down the unicorn on the steppe, and hop aboard, with or without permission or consent. They all craved a chance at being a part of a mystery. Now and then, one or another of the boys would achieve a stable perch, and the unicorn would fly.

The boys never did seem to pose threat to the unicorn, as an individual, nor did it apply the other way around. There didn’t seem to be any sort of objective evidence to report to any of the scientists nagging people their village. Boy and unicorn would fly away, to seek the very focused picture show below, and both would go some place remarkably different.

The unicorn could bring all sorts of secrets and imaginations to the table, about the process of their experience in general, as they flew far and wide, with a youth perched on his back. Unicorns were known to speak in plain comprehensible language, but this one rarely did. Silence was one of the many things that made the unicorn seem odd.

He had a speech impediment. He could only speak with his comfort seriously effected.

The unicorn, who was more than somewhat of a mystery anyway, might be considered insufferably odd to some. Nobody knew whether it would please the unicorn to find someone to talk to, or whether he was quiet because he chose to be. The unicorn’s speech impediment, which few people ever heard, was because of his chemical imbalance in his brain.

Others found the chemical imbalance to be more natural, not less. It depended upon who was doing the considering. There happened to be a long term problem for the unicorn to have to deal with. The unicorn had to take medicine for the rest of his life. He was require to overcome the problem of having hooves to have to utilize, to take his daily medicine with.

In the long run, the unicorn resorted to eating his medicine off the grass. Though neither people nor beasts were there to witness this process, or would remain in silence with the unicorn, almost to the point of being rude, according to the unicorn’s perception. He did his best to let this behavior roll of his back, because it was offensive to him anyway.

This unicorn, honestly enough, was as enormously uncomfortable with his new station. All the unique qualities and duties of being a unicorn were weighty. He was an unknown quantity, even to those who were accustomed to having a new unicorn, walking around among them every now and then. Nonetheless, the unicorn could not avoid being offended.

There were as many at a loss how to interact with this oddball, as there were interacting anyone elsewhere. The idea that the unicorn suffered from a chemical imbalance would probably only complicate matters with the locals. I mean not only with the humans, but the animals as well. A chemical imbalance is not easily understood by anyone.

Strangely the humans weren’t the ones finding it terribly odd. The unicorn wasn’t attracting their young very often, to expose them to the great subject of history, while they were in fight, as the story goes. That much he could deal with, carrying the occasional youth on his back, offering some sort of informal history lesson to some pimple-faced boy.

At least that was the story the unicorn and boy returned with. The flights weren’t happening all that often, but they were happening. The unicorn was finding his own way, in hazardous surroundings, hopefully foraging his passage a little closer to the youth of the community, which were all the beasts and the humans could think to talk about.

Then, the history of the town became superfluous to the town. Folks began to realize that the remarkable genius had moved on. His mentor was gone, too. The two of them weren’t coming back, no matter how badly everybody harassed the current unicorn. The visitors made demands on the unicorn in attendance, but the old experience was something of the past. It would not be repeated.

The current unicorn’s history became an issue, and he would stifle all allegations, until his cousin, the gazelle, would be brought into play, giving the unicorn major warnings about keeping things straight and circumspect. A warning of this nature was all the unicorn needed to hear to retreat, bound for parts unknown, never to return.


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