The Relief

 There have been many times the unicorn as come, to the relief of the boy. It’s tough to say how many times that’s been, because the boy is always asking. The unicorn interacted with the boy, so consolingly, the boy’s work has been significant. The unicorn has accomplished much with the boy.

The young man would gleefully report to the beckoning unicorn, that he’s ended by mounting the unicorn’s back, and off they’d go. The ground beneath them would tell it’s latest story. The young man would pay rapt attention. He was almost mesmerized with the passage of a lesson.

Also, the unicorn would provide a narrative for whatever story was that was playing out. This was a wonderful convenience for the boy, because the unicorn would talk and talk, about all sorts of side issues, regarding the time in history which was much in question.

The boy was a talented student.

The only talent this unicorn had, was to offer a most interesting narrative, about the circumstances of whatever period of time in history, was playing out at the moment. When the two were interacting, they would frequently enjoy yet another trip into the sky, over the history thereof.

Now and then, the cousin to the gazelle would simply make a social call to the young fellow’s residence, where they would enjoy tea and crumpets, as well as a rousting discussion of times gone by. Hearing the voice of the unicorn seemed commonplace in the boy’s home.

There was always more to be discussed between the welcome visitor and the brilliant young man. His understand was superb. When there were issues which were not entirely clear to the boy, he would ask for more clarity. He craved mastery over each and every issue to arrive at the fore.

One might have said that a unicorn would be an odd friend for a young man to have.

If one takes that tack, it’s clear they aren’t the least bit observant about friends. Theirs was a symbiotic relationship, where the two of them interacted as equals. Even though there was a bit of teacher-student interaction between them, the unicorn was receiving as much as the boy.

If the Gossip team would only get it right, or mind their own affairs, things would be a lot more comfortable between the friends. The office of unicorn is well known in those parts, just as the social practice of rubbernecking is also well known. The little old ladies did like to talk.

The scholars did as they pleased, and ignored the gossips almost to a fault.

It’s taken years for the unicorn and the youth to develop the rapport they now enjoy. The pair were in some danger of proverbially being stabbed in the back by the old women’s counsel of gossip. It was an ever-present part of the young man’s village, and few knew the intensity of it, that the boy did.

The boy and the unicorn were admittedly going for many rides together, talking over anything and everything, hour upon hour. The old women would talk and talk. The scholars would make a discussion of just about anything historical, and nobody was there to ask why.

If one’s been watching the accounts of what unicorns do, one finds that when the youth mounts the back of the unicorn; youth and unicorn watching an entire litany of goings on, with one bit of history and another going on beneath them. It was theirs to find the unfolding thereof.

Unicorns are also capable of speech. This one indulges himself frequently.

The boy and unicorn are close friends. The unicorn seeks out the boy, because he finds him a source of enthusiasm, while they fly around like magic, discussing the events of whatever history is transpiring below, as they fly above it. The boy is not nearly as ill as he is lonely.

It could be argued that this unicorn is abusing his office, but neither boy, nor parents, nor unicorn are complaining. Nor is the doctor complaining, except in jest, because what he sees in the boy is a need to learn. The unicorn is fulfilling that need beautifully.

What a wonderful way to teach a college or university course. The unicorn and the boy soar around hither and yon, and no one quite notices. Because the unicorn is involved, and has reached some maturity of years, he appreciates how unique this opportunity is.

He’s got a genius, history major on his hands.

It’s a revelation happening between two willing participants. The old unicorn has plenty of experience with young people, who see all the world unfold before their eyes, yet the treasures of what history is about, is lost on them all, though it unfolds right before their very eyes.

So many valuable lessons have been squandered.

This brilliant young man has no way of attending college. He sees it all unfold before his very eyes, with his heart on fire. This young man has always had a passion for history. He’s given all the information, including those who are knowledgeable enough to discuss the issues, intellectually.

He’s given the society of his intellectual pears, without charge or fee, from time to time.

The young man does not have a computer, up to date or otherwise, with or without any internet connection, whatsoever, to be able to study history in cyberspace. They have nothing of the sort. Neither does his village even have electricity. His place comes straight out of the Dark Ages, literally.

All the young man has is one big, beating heart, to the tune of every history lesson available.

Teachers exist for this one moment, this one student. Once they’ve found him, their lives change forever. Discipline is irrelevant. A genius hits a school, once in a blue moon. The genius catches hold. All is forgiven of the mundane students, who can only go through the motions.

How much more can they hope for? The garrulous old unicorn is satisfying the youth with every bit of knowledge he has. The boy’s hunger for knowledge can scarcely be quenched. It’s the greatest privilege of the old unicorn’s life.

The cousin of the gazelle can scarcely contain himself.

There’s more the youth can grasp than the unicorn can think of saying. Soon, the young man will meet a Buddhist Priest, who can show him the way to a lot more marvels than the unicorn can show him. The Priest will show the youngster balance, the ways of the within and the without.

The only true journey is within. The idea itself sounds like a Buddhist philosophy. The journey has a way of propelling an individual through it, where there is no right, no wrong, no good or bad, to feel condemned by. There is only the without and the within. There is nothing more.

When the journey is without, one must be taking some quest of a mundane sort, who’s sole purpose is to unearth things external. The man is wasting his time. There are only things to search for, which aline themselves with the spirit. These will bear much fruit for the traveler.

If one tries to possess, one is defeated before one starts. One must be rich, to possess. But even the ways of the wealthy are too fruitless to be wise. One can attempt to possess, but will fail. Once time goes by, it takes all with it. It becomes necessary to pursue what is true.

There is the pathway to true happiness. That pathway does not include one of wealth.

The journey within.


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