The unicorn plodded along aimlessly, unaware that it was a remarkable, magical creature in it’s own right. In fact, our unicorn was completely unaware of it’s nature, altogether. She was young. The only thing the young unicorn was aware of, was that the others were afraid of predators. She was not.

The unicorn, for some strange reason, was not in the slightest concerned with predators.

It was wonderful weather for this time of year. The snow had scarcely left the bordering hills, there in the thawing, soft snow. Many of the animals were in an oddly freaky state of mind for this undeclared, unscheduled hour of holiday. It was causing a certain recklessness among the animals.

The predators were out in force, there was no denying that, although many got plenty careless.

The one thing on the animals’ minds, besides the predators, was the unseasonable weather. The idea of summer had infected all of them. The unfortunate weather seemed to mesmerize the herd. The false sense of elation the herds felt, was inescapable, until it was too late to escape predator’s jaws.

It was probably the untimely weather, where the grass was so much greener, air so much warmer. It gave a false sense of security to the very perilous neighborhood. Animals would die at the jaws of predators in weather like this. There was no avoiding it. Predators would have their day.

The area was really only slightly more dangerous than usual. There was an omnipresence there.

Among them, the one that possessed the ability to avoid death altogether, was the one who had no idea she possessed such a quality. That one was the unicorn. Then, one of the tribal boys came along, and jumped up on the young unicorn mare’s back. Unicorn was startled, but felt no injury.

The unicorn was small enough, it could only bear up under the weight of a child.

To their surprise, for the first time in the lives of mount and rider alike, both unicorn and boy found themselves flying away from their familiar environment. They headed up into the foothills, where the snow had begun to thaw, and neither had the slightest intention to do so. It only happened.

Neither one understood it, but they both witnessed a playing back of time. This was one of the talents of a unicorn, which was common to them all. The unicorn kept them aloft with some force that neither of them understood. Unschooled, they both witnessed some odd goings on below them.

It was an experience that at first unnerved them, as they eventually found themselves quite some distance from where they started. Finally, the unicorn came for a gentle landing, since she’d taken flight with the boy some time ago. The boy climbed off unicorn’s back and wandered around.

Since he’d never been to the foothills before, he decided to take this opportunity to explore.

The boy could find curious things there. The most curious thing was the unicorn. She hadn’t left the boy at all, though she might have. The boy hopped up on the unicorn, and there seemed to be no stopping the mount and her rider, once they got off the ground. The mare was devoted to the boy.

Again, they both witnessed some odd things, some were about wars, and others were about other things. Neither the unicorn nor the boy understood the sights they were witnessing, as they magically flew above all the hubbub and the racket below, which didn’t effect them in the slightest.

What the boy and the young unicorn witnessed, were times in history which had effected many of the ways of the world, but since each one of them was young, and had not been schooled, what they saw was irrelevant to their limited understanding. They watched and watched, but didn’t understand.

The unicorn only seemed to exist for the purpose of flying with that boy, the boy, the passenger.

The boy would find it within himself to talk to the unicorn. The unicorn seemed to understand the boy’s language some. The two of them ended up in some territory neither one of them had ever seen before. They looked around in wonder and amazement, to be seeing things unseen until then.

In their flight, they came upon a door in the side of a mountain. It was a portal to somewhere. Neither boy nor unicorn were daunted by this find. The unicorn landed, with the boy. The boy tried the huge door, it gave easily, and opened up into a vast cavern. The boy mounted the unicorn again.

It was quite an irregular thing to do, but they went ahead, off through the open doorway. There was plenty of room for the petite little unicorn and little boy to take flight through the aperture. There was plenty of light from above in the cavern, and plenty of open space in the midst, for ease of flight.

It seemed as though every time the unicorn and boy took flight, there were always disturbing sights to see below them. There seemed to be some kind of history of something or other, which was going on, but neither the unicorn nor boy, could put such things in perspective. They didn’t know how.

The lessons of all of history were lost on the innocence of a simple mount and simple rider.

At one point, while they were enclosed in the cavern, they saw men in colorful dress doing a lot of playing with a lot of silver and gold. At first the boy was afraid for their safety, because the men were heavily armed, but to the boy’s relief, the men in bright clothing did not notice them.

The boy could hear the men speak, but could not understand their language. He and the unicorn went farther into the cave to do more exploring. Here, there weren’t many incidents happening below them. They were deep underground. They were comfortable exploring the recesses of the cave.

There didn’t seem to be anything exciting to do, more out of a childishness, than being less than thorough with each of the reaches of the cave. The two of them seemed content to proceed as far as each one of the reaches of the cave. They grew too dark to follow. The unicorn knew what to do.

It was the that the unicorn thought to turn around and give up exploring the certain branches of the cave they were considering. Almost all of the cave was empty and deserted. Neither of them suspected that the unicorn was a natural historian. Neither one seemed to know what was happening.

They returned to the place where the men were in bright clothing, who spoke the odd language. Those men had been playing with doubloons. Both mare and rider had the same idea at the same time. Those men were gone then, but the treasure remained. They landed, and took a couple bags of treasure.

It was as much as the boy could carry, and it loaded down the unicorn as well.

Up and away they went, with the mare and boy loaded down with pirate’s treasure. They had no difficulty getting away, except for the weight of the doubloons. The unicorn mare found it necessary to land and catch her breath more frequently, but the pirates were long gone. All the two had was anxiety.

The boy, who had never been a thief before, had some anxiety each time the unicorn landed to catch her wherewithal. That happened to the poor mount a lot more frequently than it ever had, but the boy’s booty was his to keep, and there was no point in trying to share the doubloons with the unicorn. The boy watched until the countryside became too dark to watch. It was night. The unicorn knew things the boy didn’t know. Her strength seem to come to her, and the loyal mare flew as though she could see what the boy could not see. She took the boy home, knowing the way without knowing.

The boy awoke on his usual pallet, with his booty to his side. That family had always been paupers, but bequeathing his new-found resource to his mother, they became the most wealthy family in the village. The boy was never able to articulate the circumstances of how he’s done so well.

He knew very well what had happened, but was not interested in making himself, or his unicorn, a laughing stock for his entire village. The boy figured that no story was better than that true story. There was just no good story to tell. Therefore, the boy kept his true story to himself.


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