Repeal Reaganomics

There is a policy in American Government today called Reaganomics, or Trickle Down Economics, which doesn’t work. This policy is killing many of the chronically ill of this country, who have illnesses they can’t recover from. Many of our chronically ill citizens are being deprived of shelter, food, and adequate medications to treat their chronic medical conditions. The people of this country need to petition the Congress of the Federal Government to abolish this legislation, and refund the State Hospitals and Mental Asylums of this country with Federal Funding, before it is too late to help any of the chronically ill people who a dying off, of deprivation and exposure as we speak.

All the mental health consumers of this country, who don’t have adequate, independent resources, are dying of starvation and exposure to the elements every day that goes by without Federal Government aid. They cannot get adequate help from the State and Federal Governments because of the government policy called Reaganomics. This is what’s happening to the mental health consumers of this great nation, and it’s is shameful, exposing the chronically ill to so much deprivation that many of us are dying off every day.

Mental Illness is an chronic condition, not a crime, but the Federal Government treats the mentally ill worse than they treat the criminals in this country. The child molesters, the armed robbers, and the murderers of this country are being given adequate food and shelter, while the chronically ill of this great nation are being ignored, ushered out into the weather and forgotten, to live a life of exposure and deprivation, and die a slow, agonizing death. This country wants to make such a noise over the Nazi death camps of WWII, while this country is treating a lot of the same kind of people, to the same kind of deprivation and more exposure than the inmates of the death camps had. At least the death camps had shelter for some of their inmates. The chronically ill of America don’t even have shelter.

The people who attack little children and the people who hold other people up at gunpoint, and the murderers in this society, are being given adequate food and shelter from Federal governmental programs. But the chronically ill of this country, who are not criminals, whose illness could be controlled with adequate medications the doctors do have to use for chronic mental illness, are being ushered out into the weather, under almost all circumstances, to suffer from inadequate medication, without food or shelter, when it’s not necessary for the government to do this. Repeal Reaganomics, and Fund the State Hospitals and State Mental Asylums in this country.

The sick people of this country, who can’t hold down a job in this adamantly free, Capitalist Country of ours, because of their valid, registered disabilities, who have to have to be exposed to the elements 24/7, can not muster enough income to support themselves because of their disabilities. There used to be Federal aid, food and housing for the chronically ill in this country, but Reaganomics killed all the Federal Welfare Programs, and the result is the wholesale demise of the chronically ill of this country, because the Federal Funding has been usurped from the people by Ronald Reagan and Reaganomics. What is being done to the chronically ill in this country is shameful and criminal of the Federal government to do. We are little better at treating the chronically ill than the Nazi’s were.

These programs need to be adequately funded to get their constituents something to eat, drink, and house the chronically ill of this country. These sick Americans need to be given warm, dry places to sleep in this county, unless they have sufficient, independent resources to pay their bills and provide adequately for their own care, which many of us don’t have, and they suffer from a chronic condition, which they cannot recover from, which is an illness, not a crime. There have been many advances in a widening variety of available of medications to control and sublimate many chronic health issues now than there ever have before. The research scientists have come up with plenty of effective medications for such chronic problems, as the mentally ill of this country are suffering from needlessly.

These people whose lives are in danger, who forfeit their lives daily from government enforced deprivation, many of us are law abiding, intelligent, talented people, who are too chronically ill, and documented to be legitimately ill enough, to receive more medical care than the Federal government will provide them, because of Reaganomics, while the criminals of this society live high on the hog, collecting free food and free shelter for committing crimes in this country. The criminals learn in prison how to break laws more efficiently, without being caught as easily, from other prisoners in their jail and prison environment, where they receive adequate food and shelter.

Where are your priorities, America?

Denying the chronically ill people in this country is shameful of America. These are chronically ill people, who are law abiding citizens, who honestly cannot work or independently support themselves, who don’t have significant enough resources from any other independent resource, who used to be a respected and a supported segment of our society, taken care of by the State and Federal Governments, have now been put out in the cold, to shiver from the cold and starve, 24/7, and nobody in the government seems to care. Reaganomics doesn’t work, and the action taken by Reaganomics as a policy of the Federal Government needs to be repealed.

That senile, old movie actor, who was suffering from too much dementia and at least on the verge of Alzheimer’s Disease, enacted disastrous and nonsensical legislation that doesn’t work and should have been repealed immediately after Ronald Reagan left office. Reaganomics disenfranchises the majority of the mental health consumers of this great nation. The thing that perpetuates Reaganomics is the Conservative Right Wing in the Federal Government, who believe that if we spend Federal tax money to support our chronically ill among our population, the country suffer from too heavy a tax burden, which is not anymore accurate than it was in Nazi Germany before and during WWII. Avoid helping the chronically ill this country and everybody loses. Nobody gains anything from this shameful policy of the US Federal Government.

Reaganomics banished all but every last one of us to out into the streets of the cities, to die of over exposure and a slow death by starvation, and inadequate medications, for our valid, chronic disabilities. There is inadequate nourishment for many such poor souls, so that we cannot survive, let alone thrive, in this supposedly “free” Capitalist Country of ours anymore. Mental Illness is a chronic illness that medical science has not found a cure for. Buy many advances in this industry have been made, which would sublimate many of these chronic mental health issues, so that many who now suffer, can live comfortably, though the illness has not been cured – yet.

Most chronically ill mental health consumers in this country have illnesses which can be controlled and sublimated with proper medications, but most of the consumers of this mental health system are denied sufficient funds and support to live more meaningful and full lives, which are available to many chronically ill patients with sufficient financial resources. The mental health system in this country has the technology to provide for the chronically ill, so that many more schizophrenic and bipolar patients, who wouldn’t hurt a soul, can live more enjoyable, meaningful lives on their own, with just a minimum of help.

But Reaganomics has cut off all the funding for Federal housing and Federal care of such people, supposedly to save the tax payers dollars. These same people, unless they have independent resources, are banished to the streets, where they live in torment and deprivation needlessly, because the Government has usurped all the Federal Funding for social programs, which used to help the chronic mental health consumers of this country, but no longer does. These are not bad people, or criminals, they are sick people who, in many cases, have lost the Government funding they might have utilized to live basically live normal lives, otherwise.

I beg of you, please repeal Reaganomics now, before it’s too late for the remainder of the chronically disabled of this country. There is still enough outrage to be heard about the death camps of Nazi Germany, where people were at least housed, if they were deliberately starved. Reaganomics does the same thing to the chronically ill of this country, as the Nazi death camps did to an arbitrary segment of the European population, except that the chronically ill of this country are no longer even housed, to provide for even one of their basic needs for a legitimately ill segment of our society. This is a shameful day for the United States of America, when the sick people of this country are not being provided for at all.


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