I don’t ever know what it is I’m going to write, whenever I sit down to write something. I’ll just start writing, and keep whatever it is I’m coming up with, going, whenever I get to the place where I’m having a grand total of three or four pages of something to submit to somebody’s blog, if it’s only to my own I submit it to.

I’m always writing, especially when I can’t leave the room, to avoid the contagion that’s going around town, when the whole house is on a lock down, like it is now. I want to be a writer, not a waiter. I’m not interested in waiting for my muse to jump out at me, I want to write something every day, maybe all day.

That’s what I’ve been doing all day today.

I’ve come up with so many blog posts, in my own, personal reality show, that I hardly even know what it is that’s going to show up on the screen from one piece of writing to the next. I keep trying to make a joyful noise to the Lord, but sometimes I get a little morose, because I just do, that’s all. I happen to be human, like everyone else.

Like this one thing I’m writing here. I don’t know ahead of time what it is I’m going to say. The time tells what’s going to materialize from my creative muse’s very fertile imagination, and what’s left out I can’t help. I’m just sitting here writing whatever the heck comes to mind, because that’s the one thing I try to do is capture my thoughts in writing.

My octogenarian reader here, keeps telling me that she’d rather read my fiction, but I don’t have enough inspiration to write fiction every day, such that I can do it all day long, like I can do all this drivel, with all this stream of consciousness writing I’m coming up with here, to create something or other out of nothing or anything.

I just keep trying, is my point.

I just keep writing.

That’s why I call myself a writer.

I’ve heard that if you want to write better, write faster. I try to apply that strategy to whenever it is that I write, because I always want to write well enough on a regular basis, and come up with the most bang for my buck, at any time I do my writing. My housekeeper came through for me today, and came up with a nice, clean apartment for me today.

He did my laundry for me, too.

It’s a joy to live in a retirement community.

All my needs are taken care of, and my joy is full. My housekeeper is this fellow who comes and talks to me while he’s working. He’s funny. His latest theme is big legged women, and I just repeat some of the nonsense I’ve heard about big legged women, just to make the guy laugh.

I think he’s trying to make me laugh, is what it is.

It kind of makes me laugh too. I mean, I don’t know but I been told, a big legged woman ain’t got no soul – Led Zeppelin. Whenever it gets cold out, get yourself a fat woman and a fifth of whiskey, and you’ll never be cold or hungry, because fat women have a place to stay, and food to eat. They know how to cook – a bum on the street in Greenmount, Baltimore City.

I’ve just been reminded that what’s going on around me is really kind of a serious epidemic. A lot of people are coming down with the flu, as we speak, and another one of the care managers just came down with it earlier today, such that there happens to be only one care manager and the care manager’s supervisor, to work the whole upstairs and all the whole downstairs.

Here I sit, like the eye of the storm, enjoying what happens to be my very good health and an exceptional well being, such that the idea of me coming down with this flu epidemic is less likely, because I’m remaining in my chambers, day and night, drinking water.

The other thing I’m doing is eating lightly, and resting when I can. This makes it least likely that I’ll come down with this flu bug that’s going around, and I think what’s happened to this bug is that’s it’s gone airborne, and is in a lot of the air, for anybody to catch or not catch, while it courses it’s way around the house, with an attitude all it’s own.

It’s a sad case when the care managers come down with what they’re trying to shelter us from. It sends them home, sick, and reduces the number of people they’ve got on hand to do the things that are required of the care managers to do for us residents, like bringing us our food, for instance. They’re all doing their best to take care of us here.

I am a truly blessed man, to be living in a retirement community, when many of the same people I’ve known and loved, in my many travels in life, are not anywhere near as well taken care of as I am. I have friends who’ve spent their entire lives in State Hospitals, who were just as talented, just as bright as I am.

They just didn’t have the resources that I have, to take care of myself with.

Many of them are sleeping in the Mud Slide Hotel, out in all kinds of weather, because of Reaganomics, struggling to get a cigarette, because they’ve never received the blessing of being relieved of the habit of smoking, in all the years they’ve live. What they’re doing is sleeping in a cardboard box, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter.

All the talk you hear about the street people, panhandling at the corner traffic lights is just not so. Heck, they’re not millionaires, they’re only destitute, miserable mental patients, out of their minds, because they can’t afford to get an ample supply of their medications, to keep their mental health stabilized, and I don’t care what the people in public say about them.

Those people out there are starving and sick, with no one and nothing to help them.

The homeless need help they can’t afford to get, because that overrated old man was President, and he had a bright idea that put all the mentally ill people, like me, out onto the street, in this wonderful, free country we live in, and I’ll say it again. This is not a free country, it’s a capitalist country, and it’s a reality of this life that the sick and the miserable of this world are out of luck.

If you can’t pay the price of admission, you can’t come in.

It’s a sad day for America that we treat our criminals better than we treat our elderly and our sick people in this country. Do we really want to keep Reaganomics going, or will you have half the compassion for the mentally ill that you want us all to have for dogs and cats, since you post that poppycock on the internet all the livelong day?

They euthanize animals in America, so they won’t suffer and starve. In other parts of the world the euthanize sick people, like the mentally ill, who cannot help themselves because they can’t earn a living, and are at the mercy of a merciless world, because they suffer a chronic illness like I have..

There are people in this country, who are disenfranchised, as a stop-gap for the government’s unwillingness to help them be comfortable and cared for, with chronic illnesses they can’t recover from, like many mental conditions and other conditions, among many people, of all races and creeds who are suffering and dying from exposure and starvation, because the government won’t help them..

It’s a sad day for America when we give criminals food and shelter, when we won’t even give the people of this country who are mentally ill and starving, any consideration for getting food and shelter, in the dead of winter. Who cares whether they euthanize animals, when they won’t take care of their own sick people in this country, because the sick can’t afford to pay the bill?

Where are your priorities coming from, America?


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