Created Equal

 People are talking about the new Abraham Lincoln movie that’s in all the theatres at the moment. I haven’t had the opportunity to see it yet. I’ve always admired the strength of character of Mr Lincoln, because he never once backed down about his principles, and even gave up his life for them.

Another thing is that he never did was acknowledge the Confederates States of America as a sovereign nation, in and of itself. In fact, according to the History Channel programs on the subject, there are Southerners who consider Abraham Lincoln to be a rascal and a traitor to the Union, which is a position that doesn’t make sense.

He always referred to the Confederates as being rebels. They seceded from the Union, but Lincoln, himself, refused to acknowledge the fact. He was adamant enough about his principles, that he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and freed all the slaves, in spite of the Confederacy.

Mr Lincoln emancipated the slaves in the Confederacy, as well as in the Union, and the Emancipating Proclamation was honored in the South as well as in the North, from the way I understand what happened.

Now, I happen to be related to Mr Lincoln’s predecessor in the White House, President James Buchanan, personally. My great grandmother was something like the great niece of the President in those days. Another interesting fact about President James Buchanan, was that one of his sisters married Stephan Foster, the great American songwriter of Civil War days.

But be that as it may, Buchanan perched himself squarely on the fence over the slavery issue, and proclaiming States Rights in regards to slavery. Mr Buchanan didn’t want to stir up any of the heated issues of emancipation while he was in office, unlike Mr Lincoln.

Buchanan refused to take a stand.

On the other hand, Abraham Lincoln was uniquely dedicated to the Constitution of the United States, as all Presidents are sworn to be. He was one man who was dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, which is the sum and substance of the Constitution, as well as Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

In fact, the Gettysburg Address is a brief document that says little more than I’ve already quoted here, according to the internet text of the document, but one of the remarkable things about the Gettysburg Address is that it’s all about slavery, while Lincoln never used the word, slavery, even once in his address to the nation at Gettysburg.

Part of the oath of office for every man who is sworn into the Presidency, is that the man is under a Sacred Oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Well, when are we going to get a congress who will stand behind such a competent, dedicated man, elected and sworn into defending the constitution?

When we get another white Aglaia-Saxon Protestant Conservative Right Winger into the White house again? This blatant racism is a bad taste in the mouth of any man who has enough conscience in him to recoil at the face of racism and bigotry in this country.

Are all of us too soft to want to take a stand on anything anymore? Is nothing worth putting your life on the line these days, of the all disintegration of the substance of decency and respect for all of the peoples of the world, who are still flocking into America, hoping to find The American Dream like our own ancestors did in their day?

It would seem to me that no one is willing to take a stand on any set of principles anymore, because nobody believes in anything. This country has always been a country of principles, and that has been the one fact that made this country strong in all this time it’s existed, so far.

This One Nation Under God is being eradicated by the idea that the general population is being granted unlimited liberty to do anything they darned well please, and believe in anything they darned well please. That is not what our forefather’s fought and died for.

The only thing left for this country to do is throw temper tantrums about the civil rights of the populous, while young blacks are just as prejudiced toward whites as visa verse. If anything is proclaimed to be obscene or objectionable, that is the one thing all these “free” Americans want to experience.

That attitude is going to prove to be the undoing of this country.

The mass media of the world at large has overturned the concept of Divinely Bestowed Principles and the fact that there do happen to be some ideals in this world that are still worth dying for. A citizen should stand for something, instead of falling for everything.

Lincoln was willing to fight for the enforcement of his principles, and to die for them if it became necessary for him to do so. Well, the dying did become necessary, alright. Lincoln was assassinated by a gunshot to the head, just like Jack Kennedy was, about a hundred years later.

Hollywood has finally made a movie about Lincoln, and it’s in all the theatres at the moment. People are talking about the movie, but what I find to be incredible is that this nation has not grown out of our racism, reverse racism, and bigotry yet, and it’s already 2013.

Get over it!

I don’t recall the exact date, but wasn’t the end of the Civil War somewhere around 1865?

The entire Republican Party is all over President Barack Obama, because he’s light-skinned, and not entirely white. They even want to say that he’s not even an American Citizen, which applies to everyone here, except the Native American People, which were the first to be disenfranchised in this country.

When are all those rich, white men in the federal government going to grow up? One might think there would be someone in the Federal Government who is dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States, besides the President, but apparently not.

Everyone wants anarchy, because we have a light-skinned President.

I’ve listened to all the bigotry and hatred in this country all my life, and honestly, I cannot find anything about the races of people which makes anyone anymore intelligent or anyone more competent than anyone else in this world.

People are people, and it’s an individual thing, whether someone is more or less competent.

Mr Obama happens to be one of the best Presidents we’ve had in a long time, and he ought to get some of the credit for it from the majority of his constituents. I’ve heard all the senseless outrage of the conservative right wing of the white American people. All it is, is racism.

Who do they think they’re fooling, besides themselves?

Mr Obama’s been trying to re-institute Federal funding of social welfare programs in this country, and undo some of the mayhem heralded in by the disaster called Reaganomics, but the rich, white men in congress won’t let him do it.

Reaganomics doesn’t work, people.

There are balances and counter-balances worked into the American constitution, to keep out any dictatorship from taking over the United States Federal Government, but the Executive Branch needs at least get some minimum amount of cooperation from the Legislative Branch, or nothing is going to get done in this country.

Apparently, that’s what the bigots in the high places in this country want.

It is the official bigotry and prejudice of the legislators in the Congress and the Senate of this country to stifle the President and keep him from achieving significant success, in this way. The Republican Party is so busy discrediting Mr Obama, it’s forgetting to uphold the principles of the Constitution of the United States.

In fact, the Civil War, spearheaded by Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, in the 1860’s, and the Civil Rights Movement, as spearheaded by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, in the 1960’s, have both been largely unsuccessful in eliminating bigotry in this country.

There is more discrimination and reverse discrimination going on in this country than ever before, and it’s everyone’s responsibility, as well as everyone’s fault, that this sad state of affairs has happened to American all this time after the Civil War.

It’s shameful the way Americans hate each other.

What are the conservatives think they’re doing, discrediting Mr Obama’s character loudly enough and long enough, that the history of the world will remember their lies better than they’ll remember the strength of the individual man himself?

Good luck.

There are people in this world who believe in Mr Obama thoroughly enough that any character slamming mobilized against him is not likely to succeed in anything except maybe keeping Mr Obama hamstrung in regards to instituting his social and economic programs.

The conservatives are all trying to tell us all that there are going to be all kinds of horrors happen in this country, because we happen to have a light-skinned President, but we’ve yet to see any of those horrors ever to materialize, and the man is reelected to his second turn.

The things the conservatives are doing to the Presidency is more like Fascism or Communism than it is anything like being the liberty which this country was supposedly founded on, that supposedly made America great in the first place.

People have fought and died to protect the liberty of this country.

Are we about to forfeit our liberty, just to embrace a pack of lies and half truths made popular by the conservative right wing of this nation, heralded in by our own irrational and antiquated racial hatred, when we’ve been theoretically giving up on that whole ideology, from among us, for the past several years, and then some?

Wake up, America. You are about to destroy yourself.


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