Deer Slayer

The two legged had plenty on his mind, to make the driving that much more dangerous than usual. Besides that, it was very late at night, when the man-made stone that goes on forever across the land, was usually safe for the four legged to walk cross without being bothered by the suicide machines. The four legged were going about their business.

The two legged drove one of those suicide machines the four legged had always thought were some other kind of creature the Great One had made for all of the wild creatures to all have to deal with, whether they wanted to or not. The two legged had been to a sacred gathering of the strong in the faith of the Holy One. His thoughts were crowded with ideas he had been given in the gathering.

There were plenty of other two legged who would go there to that gathering. They would speak words of significance with one another about the Holy One. They did not carry steel barking sticks to their gathering, like some of the two legged would carry out into the woods on certain occasions, to bark at the four legged, and kill them for venison.

But this two legged was about to kill a four legged, whether he wanted to or not.

The four legged had been on their way to a stream they all knew, to get a drink of cold water, the way they always did late at night. They were all going, the one along with several of her sisters, and one of her sisters had just taken a few more clattering steps further in that direction when it suddenly happened.

There was a moment when there was suddenly an unfamiliar sound. Then. Thud! The four legged felt a great pain, and looked around herself, not comprehending that she was flying at the same moment she was dying. The four legged felt a sharp pain in her underbelly, as she shot several feet in the air, while her world careened out from under her altogether.

She found a way to look at all the things around her, from this novel perspective of being several feet up in the air. Her middle felt very open and airy, very uncharacteristically cold, for being her own middle. She came down and tried to run, but her heart was not strong enough to carry her.

Her heart was quite painful, as her middle was also painful. Eventually she landed, with a painful plop, and after running a little way away from where she’d been hit, found she did not have enough strength left in her, to stay on her feet any longer. The doe found that her middle was hanging open, and she attempted once more to rise, but failed.

The suicide machine had stopped a little way down the road, and just sat there, for some reason the four legged could not understand. The two legged was staying inside the suicide machine, and did not seem to be concerned with where the four legged had gone. For some reason, that fact reassured the four legged, that there would be nothing further from the two legged for the four legged to have to concern herself with.

Her sisters had scattered, when the suicide machine had hit the four legged. There was a lot of what happened that none of the four legged understood. They knew that their sister had been killed. They had no idea why or how. They only knew she was dead and gone.



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I'm a wordsmith and a craftsman. I've been known to hand crochet just about anything escept granny squares. I've got about twenty titles in my name on the Kindle Store at
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