The boy was taught by his grandfather’s grandfather to sing his Spirit song to the eagle to know what the Great One had to say to him. The eagle would always answer his Spirit cleansing from above, and tell the boy the answer to the Sacred question on his heart.

These were the old ways of the Human Beings, from before the locust people came into the land. It took the slightest bit of singing his Spirit song, then listening, on the part of the boy. The Spirit song had always had the power for the Human Beings, in the past.

The boy sat and cleansed himself before the Great One.

He had always been spoken to by the eagle when he cleansed his heart in silence.

It was a reinforcement of his Spirit song that the eagle would always give the boy a reply, whenever he lived with the Human Beings. In the times of the Too Many to Count, the locust people came to be in the land, they began imposing their ways on the Human Beings.

They were always taking things away from the Human Beings. The Too Many to Count would take their Spirit ways away from the Human Beings too, like they took everything else. They took their land, the Buffalo. Finally, they took their children.

The children of the Human Beings were taken into schools and taught how to speak the language of the locust people, and to know all the ways of the Too Many to Count. There was no Spirit power in the ways of the locust people. There was only stronger violence in their ways.

The Human Beings would have kept fighting the Too Many to Count, but all the locust people would do was kill, and kill. The Human Beings tried to wage war against the Too Many to Count, but they did not have the power to win their war against them.

There was no heart in the locust people’s ways at all. The locust people took away the Spirit names of the children and would only name them in their language. Their language had no heart. Their Spirit ways had no heart. The Too Many to Count had ways that only made the Human Beings sick, and they killed a lot of them.

They cut the children’s hair, and gave them books, taught them to read. There were so many locust people, it did not matter that the old ways of the Human Beings were being destroyed. It didn’t matter to the Too Many to Count, but it mattered to the Human Beings. Little Elk was brave, and would not let the locust people cut his hair until he talked to the eagle.

He wanted to talk to the eagle, and he sat a long time out front of the locust people’s school for the children of the Human Beings, listening to the Great One, before he heard the eagle call. He heard the eagle respond to the cleansing of his Spirit in sacred silence. Finally, the eagle called once. The boy sang his Spirit song, and the eagle remained silent.

He sang his Spirit song to the Eagle, and there was no reply. The power to speak with all of Nature was gone from the Human Beings, and the boy knew. The boy got out his knife, and cut his hair, because the Great One had not spoken. The boy knew the power had gone to the Too Many to Count. The Too Many to Count were here to stay.


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I'm a wordsmith and a craftsman. I've been known to hand crochet just about anything escept granny squares. I've got about twenty titles in my name on the Kindle Store at Amazon.com.
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