The thing that made the USA great, during WWII, was the total in-sourcing of all our own manufacturing for the entire war effort, and otherwise. What made us invincible in those days was that we made everything for ourselves that we needed, within the USA itself. We were not dependent on any other country to make anything we used to fight any enemy with throughout WWII, or anything that we used here at home, either. We made everything ourselves. The women had the manufacturing jobs, and the men fought the war. That’s what made America great, and the current President understands that. It’s time this country got behind a good man while we’ve got one.

If we go back to outsourcing our labor and farm out our manufacturing to third world countries again, what we shall continue to get is third world countries which are strong, and we shall continue to become more weak as a sovereign nation. If the conservatives get back into power before they change their ideology, they will continue to make third world countries strong at our expense. The conservatives have been doing this ever since that senile, old man, by the name of Ronald Reagan was in power in the White House. Why did everyone always listen to him? He didn’t even know what day of the week it was.

That man was senile.

The results of outsourcing will be just this predictable: the USA will go back to being as weak a nation as it was when the conservatives were in power in the first place. Reaganomics doesn’t work. Trickle-down economics doesn’t work. Those policies were developed by a president who had a bad case of dementia. Reagan took all of the disable people in this country and put them out into the street. Reagan did the same thing to all the blue collar workers of this country, too.

Now, America is paying the price for this abuse of power.

Reagan’s policies were supported by another Republican president who was leading the country under the excessive influence of alcohol. Geo W Bush confessed as much, personally, on nationwide TV, after the fact. Geo W Bush was a drunk. He hardly knew what he was doing, anymore that Ronny Ray-guns ever did. Bush was in power for two full terms of office, being a yes man to every political position that offered him any money as a kickback whatsoever.

These are the procedures that have precipitated the world energy crisis we are going thru today. Third world countries can afford to buy cars now, because the rich conservatives in America have given them contracts for American industrial jobs, at the expense of the American worker.

Now third world countries can afford to buy themselves cars and whatnot. That’s what’s driving oil prices up. All those dirt poor folks who were living on rice and beans, and riding ancient bicycles.

These coolies are now enjoying gainful employment that the US Government handed over to them, at the expense of the honest workers of this great country of ours.

What did we do that for? What business is it of the US Government to give overseas jobs in the first place? It’s an abuse of political power in the first place. The conservatives saw a way to save some money in reduced wages, by outsourcing jobs to third world countries, and they went for it. The industrial marketplace for jobs in America practically disappeared.

The USA has street people now. Have you noticed?

Do you think conservative rich people care how much gasoline prices accelerate? They love it. They’re in a position to benefit from growth in the price of crude oil, internationally. It’s all a numbers game to them, anyway. As long as their six figure incomes get larger, they’ll be happy. The conservatives are trying their best to get another yes man into the White House, so they can go back to getting richer by the minute. Never mind the plight of honest working man in this great country of ours. Our own population should not matter anything to the President of the United States, if he can secure a few extra millions for a few very rich people, worldwide.

What the conservatives were threatening us with, in reference to the great danger of electing Mr Obama to the Presidency in the first place, has not happened at all. Mr Obama has not precipitated anything like a meltdown on Wall Street. It didn’t happen, folks. The stock market is now stronger than ever. Our investments are stronger than ever before, thanks to the quick thinking and quick action of President Barack Obama.

Mr Obama has done nothing but let all the insults, from every direction, roll off his back like water off a duck’s back. Mr Obama keeps his eye on what’s really important about this country. What’s really important about this country is it’s own citizens and it’s future as a world power. Saving a buck here and there on minimum wage restrictions is immaterial.

Don’t fall for all the conservative mudslinging and downgrading of the wise judgment of the current President of the United States. All they’re doing is throwing a lot of insults at Mr Obama, hoping that some of them will stick well enough in some people’s minds, that Mr Obama will not get elected to another term of office.

Haven’t you ever noticed how so many people get really angry at the mere mention of Mr Obama’s name? That hasn’t happened by accident. The conservatives are bludgeoning Mr Obama’s dignity itself, with all sorts of lies about him, calling him all sorts of things that don’t have anything whatsoever to do with who the man is, as a person or a president.

They never back any of it up with reliable statistics, either.

The conservatives are lying to us, as hard as they can do it.

Any liberal who finds one of these victims of the conservative right wing, should know it as soon as his interlocutor gets angry over nothing. In case the guy you’re talking to gets angry, it is just as well to drop the subject altogether. The other person is not listening anyway. The person who reacts with anger has most likely been bombarded with a whole boat load of junk mail from the Republican Party, calling the President every bad name they can think of.

The Republicans send all this mudslinging through the mails to card carrying Republican’s personal mailboxes, by the millions, on a daily basis. How do I know? I used to be a card carrying Republican. My elders in my family were card carrying Republicans till the day they died. I watched it happen. It’s dirty politics at it’s worst. And the Republican party is doing it wholesale.

The conservative right wing just wants to make more money for those who are already filthy rich already. It’s just a numbers game to them. They don’t want what’s best for America. They want to earn some mo’ money for their cronies in spacious mansions, in the highest priced neighborhoods in the USA and abroad, who live too high on the hog already. Let’s give another six million to another bank president, for his burgeoning bank account off shore, to make him a little happier for a few minutes, while the honest, blue collar workers of this country flounder without help from any direction, unable to make ends meet for the next eight years.

Mr Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. Mr Obama is pulling the USA out of the worst depression this country has suffered since the late 1920’s. The only difference is that the conservatives are not calling the depression a depression. They call it a recession. Let’s not give the common man any truthful information, if we can help it. Gee, I wonder why my computer system, which is always connected to the internet, crashed this afternoon, after I posted an abridged form of this blog entry for the second time on Facebook this afternoon? Somebody in NSA doesn’t like my politics or something? I wonder why? I thought this was a free country or something.

Let’s just treat the President of the United States like he can’t be trusted. Let’s say it every way we can think of saying it. Maybe enough of our lies will result in the overturning of the balance of Presidential power by the end of this President’s first term of office. Maybe we can roust him out of office, before he can get a second term. He might just turn things around for the better, if he gets another term of office. Can’t have that. No sir. Not from a Colored Man, of all people.

The conservatives are trying to do their best to get back into power, regardless of the implications for the common man. The conservatives do not have the strength or health of the USA, as a sovereign nation, at heart at all. The right wing conservatives could care less if the middle class working man in the USA has any kind of opportunity to get a good, honest job to support his family or not. They could care less. It is just one more thing that messes with their personal bottom line.

All they care about is getting more six figure bonuses from more yes men in the White House.

If George W Bush drove a car under the influence of as much alcohol as he says he ran the Federal Government of United States under, any ordinary Police Officer would have put him in jail for DWI. What’s more is that any Judge would have fully cooperated with any Police Officer, who would have incarcerated former President Geo W Bush, for driving any automobile under the influence of as much alcohol as he used, while he was in the driver’s seat, of the most powerful nation in the world. Is there something wrong there, or is it just me?

Conveniently, former President Geo W Bush only admitted to his abuse of alcohol over nationwide TV, after the fact of his abuse of power, while impaired by an alcohol habit, after the fact. We don’t see anybody locking up the former President of the United States for being a drunk while in executive office of our sovereign nation. All we can see at the moment is all the conservatives picking and prodding at the current administration, because he’s half Black and half White.

Mr Obama is a Colored man. It’s a fate worse than death.

How many score of years after the statement of the fact that we are one nation, established under the proposition that we are all created equal in the eyes of God. How much of this are we going to have to go through, before all of this disguised, blind hatred stops? When will we finally acknowledge, as a nation, that we are all men, and women, who are created equal? What’s it going to take? There’s not going to have to be another Civil War. The US Military is too powerful for that. Is there going to have to be another Martin Luther King, Jr? Or another Abraham Lincoln to straighten things out? Why? So some other hatred-inspired individual can kill them too.

I hope God gives us all the help we need to get over this blind hatred so many people in this country and this world suffer from these days. People don’t hate people. They hate skin. Get over it.

When will we all be afforded the right, by our own government, to be offered jobs in order to support our own families in this country, instead of having corrupt politicians outsource our jobs to third world countries, thereby disrupting the balance of power in the entire world, offering affluence to people who have nothing to do with America in the first place? This is our country. Why don’t we support our President for trying his best to protect the rights and resources of our own citizens, first and foremost? That’s what Mr Obama is trying to do, while he dodges all the mud and the muck slung at him wholesale.

If Mr Obama were to simply in-source all of American manufacturing, America would get stronger, fast. What America needs is American manufacturing. Americans need jobs, and Mr Obama has the backbone to give Americans jobs. There are very few American people who will ever benefit from outsourcing. In-sourcing makes nationwide benefit possible.


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