Truth in the Media–Edited Out

by Rick Carufel

I post quite often to Huffington Post. Lately I have had three comments censored out repeatedly. These comments were not slanderous attacks on public figures, inappropriate comments with foul language, or threats. These comments were censored out because they were the truth. These comments were factual but suppressed truth, comments that for one reason or another Huffington Posts deemed inappropriate to post. Below are the posts more or less exactly as I posted them. Each was posted several times and changed each time to try to comply with whatever criteria they were using to suppress them. They all had the same basic info posted below.

This post was in response to Dick Cheney making remarks about the presidential election:

“Dick Chaney should not be allowed to make any comments on any issue. He is a convicted war criminal and cannot leave this country for fear of being arrested. This is the same reason that Bush canceled his scheduled trip to Canada a few months ago. He was afraid a few zealous Mounties might take him into custody.”

That may seem harsh but is the absolute truth. An International War Crimes Tribunal tried Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and several others in absentia and found them all guilty. Here’s a few links to the story:

Next we come to the “Texas A&M Shooter” story. I posted the following:

“Another False Flag to garner support to further trash the constitution and take our 2ndamendment rights. The shooter was not on the Texas A&M campus, no students were shot or shot at, and the shooter fired all shots from his home. This was a man distraught with the prospect of being thrown out of his home onto the street. A desperate man in desperate times reacting violently to disenfranchisement. Some Americans still have some pride and would rather suicide by cop than face the indignity of being homeless. The Policeman he shot was serving an eviction notice. This incident has absolutely nothing to do with Texas A&M, students or random acts of murder.”

The last incident was in response to the Judge in Pennsylvania denying a motion to block the ID requirements passed by the Republican’ts and admittedly designed to skew the vote in Romney’s favor.

“If the republican’ts want to rig the election lets just take Romney out of the equation. Romney violated the election laws by holding fund-raisers in London and Israel. It is specifically stated that candidates are forbidden from seeking election funding from foreign sources. Here is a link to the story of Romney violating election laws and therefore should be disqualified from the election.”

Here’s a link on how to contact the Federal Election Commission to complain about Romney breaking the rules.

A conspiracy by either party to limit voting rights to influence election results is criminal. Those involved need to be arrested and sent to prison.”

So we have three issues that all are completely true but for some reason are being censored out by Huffington Post. I tried to contact them four days ago and received a robo-reply that said I would be contacted within 24 hours. Never happened.

One can only surmise that although these posts are neither untrue nor offensive that they are being surpressed because they run contrary to some political agenda that Huffpost is quietly supporting.

Huffington Post failed to reply because they have no defensible reason for suppressing my posts. They break no rules on the Huff site. They fall within all the guidelines. Are we to believe that our right to free speech can be squelched because some mod working for Huffington Post is a Republican’t? I think not, all this does in diminish HPs credibility and make those suppressed speak out even more loudly in other venues.



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