Social Responsibility

 You wonder why it is that a young man, reputed to be of mental brilliance, goes into a crowded movie theater, and opens fire on a large crowd of people with an assault rifle? Well, open the eyes of your understanding and look at what we, the writers of this world, are saying in the media these days. We are the media. It is the media that is responsible for that self-destructive mindset in our culture.

When we assault the public with shocking language and imagery all the time, that’s what we’re going to get in response from the public. You think that was something that happened in a vacuum? Turn on AMC and Showtime, and watch all the shocking, vulgar, obscene language and imagery going on for the masses to watch on prime time TV these days. Go look at it. Pick up some of the books we’re publishing, to shock and frighten the public, and ask yourself who it is who was that irresponsible, to inspire the massacre in Colorado, or at Columbine to take place. Who is filling the public mindset with such ideas?

We are.

What this world needs is a good shot of decency and conscience.

What’s wrong with all you atheist writers? You haven’t read enough Charles Darwin. Before Darwin died, he recanted his theory of evolution. He admitted it was not a scientific expostulation, because there wasn’t enough empirical evidence to back it up. He looked everywhere on the face of the planet to prove evolution, and found out he was wrong. There’s no such thing as evolution. It is God who has made us, and not we ourselves.

In America, there are a whole group of people who hate another whole group of people, just because they look differently. This should not be. The Germans and the Japanese decided in the 1930’s that they were the only people on the planet who had the right to be alive. Millions of people lost their lives over that idea by 1945. If we keep it up, the entire planet’s going to die. Is that what you want, with your vulgarity and obscenity?

The United States was founded under the proposition that all men are created equal. There is no master race. There is no our kind and their kind. We are all mankind, and if we don’t get back to principles of decency and respect for each other, the whole planet is going to wish we had, after we’ve all found out what death really is really all about.

When the greatest generation in the world defeated the Japanese and the Germans in World War II, they didn’t do it by filling the minds of the women and children back home full of all the blood, guts and gore of the conflict, like they did with the Vietnam War on the evening news in the 1960’s and 70’s. The men went into battle with a reverence for their own faith and moral principles, and what it was they believed in that they were endangering their own lives to defend.

When George Washington made the decision to cross the Delaware River to attack the British to end the Revolutionary War in bad weather, he got down on his knees and prayed to Almighty God. When Dwight David Eisenhower made the decision to invade Normandy in bad weather, he got down on his knees and prayed to his Maker. America has always been a country of faith and decency. It’s about time we got back to it. We’re destroying our own future, and the future of the entire globe.

We don’t live in a country that guarantees freedom from religion. We live in a country that guarantees freedom of religion. No one has the right to tell anyone else what creed or religion they must adhere to in this country, but that one political fact has developed a whole media who have no moral or ethical principles whatsoever. It’s time to wake up, guys.

We live in a society which reveres youth and wildness. Well, I was a wild youth, and it destroyed my health. It almost cost me my life. I’ve been so close to death so many times, and you are darned right I believe in God. God has delivered me from total destruction, and I’m making my stand. It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that my father was a renegade Methodist Minister who got fired from the ministry when I was a kid.

God came to me when I was an adult drunk, and offered to take my life away from me, after I’d spent my entire adulthood up to the age of 32 trying to destroy myself. I had to learn the value of my own life, from the Maker and Author of my life, Himself. I had to learn the value of my education and my upbringing, from beyond the time of my paranoid, violent, pompous, schizophrenic father, who deserted us, and left a family of five to starve without him. Once again, I had to learn the value of my own Biblical education and my own faith, when my appendix ruptured in an ER when I was stone cold sober for several years. Go ask a medical professional what that means.

You want to know what I’d do if I found out I might die in a few minutes? Which time?

You want to go into a rant on your blog, and cuss out everyone on the internet, just because you don’t like my opinion? What’s your problem? I’ve been paid for my writing, too. In America, we have the right to our own opinion. We also have the responsibility of our own actions to consider. I grew up in my grandmother’s house. I learned rebellion from my father. I learned decency from my grandmother. It’s time this nation embrace it’s elder generation. We need to revive our own decency while there’s still some in existence to revive.

God destroyed the planet with water, in the time of Noah and the flood, because the people had become so completely evil. He did the same thing with Sodom and Gomorrah. What was going on there was homosexuality, America, and God obliterated the two cities. There is all this obscenity of homosexuality and cross-gender operations, and all that going on in this country, too.

We are responsible for what we do.

I’m not stupid. I graduated from high school with honors. I was accepted at an out of state, fully accredited university as a freshman music major during the Vietnam War Era, without audition. I went there, and proceeded to destroy my own health and future, to become a hippie and a flower child, whatever that is. I traded a career and a marriage that never happened, to starve on alcohol and drugs, in the flower and brilliance of my own youth, just because I had to be wild and rebellious.

Do you see me cussing at you yet? Do you have the kind of stupidity to believe I don’t know how to cuss? I am quite familiar with some of the most vile language on the planet, in more than one language. I’m not trying to shock you or offend you. I’m trying to make you think.

This is the United States of America. You have the right to your opinion, just like I’ve got the right to mine. But if the writers on Facebook are going to gang up on me, just because I publish my own opinion, and then you’re going to go into an obscene rant on your blog to the length of a medium sized novel – I’m not so certain I want to fight for your right to voice your opinion anymore.

You’re costing too many people their lives.

One of these days, all you atheist writers are going to get this world so riled up, a couple of idiots in a missile silo are going to get themselves all fired up, and start the chain reaction that’s going to fry the whole planet. They’ll start the end of it all, and if you don’t think it’s going to happen, think again. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a matter of when. Then you guys are going to find out who made the earth and the fullness thereof. You’re going to find out that you’re going to be held responsible for yourselves and your behavior, too, like I am.

I found out I’m responsible for my behavior, and this is what I’m saying

The Bible says that God will not destroy the world with water again. He promised that to Noah. Oh, and by the way, Noah’s ark is still on Mt Ararat, in Turkey. The Turkish Government won’t allow fly by’s over their air space very much, but people have made at least one expedition up to the ship in modern times. It’s just as it says it is in the Old Testament, except now, it’s made of petrified wood.

What God said He would do to destroy the world with, for the second time, is fire. Now, if a nuclear holocaust is not destroying the world by fire, what is? That’s the way life is. I believe in the One True God, and the Life Everlasting. If we don’t clean up the media, we lubricate the destruction of the planet all that much more quickly. I challenge the United States Government to re-institute censorship in the media, so that our future generations will have a world to live in.

George S Geisinger


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