Writing Again

The day is winding down into evening again by now. Where the time goes, I have no idea. What a mild day it’s been for a day in mid March. It must have been in the seventies by afternoon today. I was out early this morning to the dentist, and it’s been a very nice day out ever since. The windows were open in the dining room at lunch and supper today. My air conditioner is on in my room, too. And yet, I’ve regularly shied away from wearing my accustomed, ever-present hat all day long. My head’s not cold. I don’t need my hat.

This has been a special day today for authors on the web today. We were all trying to give each other our maximum support on the Amazon listings of our work. I know of one fellow who got a grand total of 50 endorsements out of it. I was going to post all my titles, but there’s so many of them, I didn’t think it’s manageable. The list is already in my blog anyway. I’m not craving people’s endorsements, anyway. I’m doing this for the One Who Saw Me Thru It All.

The fact is that I post on all the writer’s sites so often, and have written so many titles and so many blog entries, I wonder if I’ll get more of a following in the near future. I don’t see why not. It seems to be happening almost daily. There’s a gentleman who carried on a conversation with me over one of my titles yesterday, and in a way, I’m thinking of writing to him as I write this. It gives my work a little more focus.

My work doesn’t have to be for everybody, but there are those who positively revel in what I have to say. I wonder about that. Guess I have a tale to tell. I can’t see any reason to stop writing, with this state of affairs. I’m enjoying myself, and I’m not hurting anyone. All these stories, or blogs, or whatever, are just things that come out of my mind when I want to do something more than just sit around and read.

I can go on and on. I had an in-depth conversation with Theresa in the Activities Room this afternoon after supper. She said my experiences are horrible. OK, I’ll have to list them as horror stories in the future. Horror is my genre. I’ve been doing some of that anyway, since I’ve begun taking stock in what I have to say. I know just where I’m coming from. I’m a survivor.

People tell me I’ve got an awful lot of very interesting stories to tell. I don’t really know if they’re just being polite, or whether they’re sincere about the accolade, but I’m willing to accept it at face value. Why not? Why should I keep up any misgiving about what my life has been? The Lord my God has given me the life I’ve lead, and I figure it’s my job to document it.

I gave up the idea that I must be a monster, since I think certain things that aren’t really very nice. But there’s no one taking exception to what I have to say. Now and then I’ll say something about a certain subject that seems to upset some people, so I guess I’ll just avoid that topic.

One of the headliners of what’s happened to me is that I’ve lost everything recently. When I overdosed on my medicine about a year and a half ago, I lost all of my possessions and almost all of my friends, because I could never make arrangements to safeguard my possessions or contact most of my friends after I got sick from the overdose, then fell and broke my hip.

There were a few people who did come to look me up, and they visited me where I was in rehab and in assisted living, while I was still in Maryland. I really appreciated their visits, too. It made me feel so much better to see some old, familiar faces. I’m going to send some friends some of my writing again soon.

Both my mother and aunt have recently died, as well. It’s been tough, getting along without them, but the thing I’m doing, to make up for their loss, is to write all the things I’d like to tell them and put it up on the internet. Fortunately, the one thing I didn’t lose is my financial security. In fact, when my soon-to-be trustee suggested an irrevocable trust fund for all my assets, I agreed wholeheartedly. That way, there’s always someone with their head together who’s guarding the gates of my resources. I’m at the point of craving every amount of security I can get, since I lost so many valuable things when I lost my language and my wits, back in the fall of 2010.

I say that as I continue to open up the wellsprings of all of my experiences, writing everything down for the whole world to see. I’ve gotten so I finally believe that I really do have something to say to the world. The fact that I’ve survived for better than sixty years, with all the incredible stuff I’ve been thru, makes me want to just amaze and interest as many people who want to read me as I can find, all over the internet and in person. As Louis says, “I thunk up it.”

I don’t need to manufacture stories out of my imagination to have a story to tell. All I need to do is start writing, and the stories come from within my vast, personal experience. It’s fascinating to see it all happen to me like this. I don’t even have to retell any terrible events in my life to tell an original story a different way. All I need to do is sit and visit with my computer, the way I used to sit and visit with Mom and Aunt Vi. It goes on and on. I can’t get over how easily it all happens to me. There’s a whim of the truth in the air. I don’t want to waste my time telling tall tales, unless they are absolutely factual. I’ve got enough of them, I don’t think I’m likely to run out of things to say very soon.

This is an article about my writing. That’s what this is. I’ve got all the reason in the world to write down what I think, and publish it for all the world to see, or not. It’s all up to me.


This work has been expanded into a 5400 word short story, and is published for Kindle Download on Amazon.com under the title, Visiting.  At the moment, all my twenty two titles on Amazon are being sold for $0.99 a piece, regardless of their scope.  You are invited to go to my author’s page at Amazon, look under the name, George Geisinger, and invest in as many of my 22 titles as you’d like to have.  It is my very rare privilege to be able to do all this writing and offer it all to the general public.  I’m pleased to be able to offer as much of my experience in life as I am.


About geostan51

I'm a wordsmith and a craftsman. I've been known to hand crochet just about anything escept granny squares. I've got about twenty titles in my name on the Kindle Store at Amazon.com.
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