Attitude of Gratitude+

I’d like to start my writer’s evening with an attitude of gratitude. Having all my needs met, all my desires are known and acceptable to all interested and disinterested parties. Sometimes I focus too much on the negative stuff. I just figure it’s time to cheer up. Here at assisted living there are some really lovely young ladies working. It’s so nice to have the opportunity to see them going and coming in the exercise of their jobs. Some of them are really beautiful. What’s more is that they’re generally cordial with me, apparently accepting my admiration of them without annoyance.

I know how to keep my hands to myself.

We had a little bit of supper tonight, as always. Nothing to write home about, just enough food to satisfy me for the evening. I think that’s significant, all the same. Tried talking with my friend at the supper table, but I was too distracted to gather anything from what he said. It happens sometimes. We’re both human. Bob and I are not always on the same wave length. We happen to be a generation apart, the two of us. He was in France during the war, before I was even thought of.

It’s not difficult for me to remember the many times I had nothing to eat, and no place to sleep when I was tired. It’s not been so terribly long since I’ve had a nice comfortable place to sit and time to do the things I like to do. My privacy is another thing on my gratitude list. Privacy is hard to come by in a lot of places. There was a long time I didn’t have a computer, either. Now, I’ve got my own freelance writing business going with my own laptop. I’ve got all the clocks safely changed to daylight savings time by now. Somehow, I always find out about the time changes on the right weekend. You can’t prove it by me. It just happens.

I’m able to keep track of the three hour time difference between here and the West Coast, too. I have some more family out there. We’re all looking forward to getting a visit from the two ladies here, sometime after tax season. My cousin and her hubby do people’s taxes for a living. It’s an annual gig for them, the accountant and his wife. His wife is my cousin, and my sister is bringing the two of them east to visit Jim and I this summer. I get so I really miss my sister. She’s been in the Pacific Northwest for so long now. But I saw her when mother passed away, and she was very much the same person. I’m the one who’s different.

Come to think of it, I’m going to have to find someone to do my taxes here at my new home. I’ve mentioned it to the powers that be. I’m certain it’ll work out. It’s just one of those things to keep on my mind this time of year. Another thing is that I’ve written my checks for the month, finally. I got tired of having it hanging over my head. I just went ahead and did it. That’s the only way it gets done.

One of my buddies suggested I read a certain book for sale on Amazon. I happen to be about halfway thru it by the time he wrote me about it. That works out very nicely. I was writing something that was really bringing me down, too. So I filed it and went on to another blank page. This page. Getting grateful about all the many blessings I enjoy everyday makes for an entirely different outlook on my evening, than writing about my illnesses. I get so tired of writing about my illnesses.

I get my air conditioner going sometimes, whenever it gets too hot in here, even though it is only March, 2012. I can remember buying a window unit last couple of years ago. It’s one of the many things I used to have that’s gone with the wind. I remember having that time in 2010 when I couldn’t conceive of how to safeguard my possessions, when I closed up my apartment, and was unable to communicate with anyone. I had overdosed on my meds that fall, and I was just at wit’s end, literally. I couldn’t figure anything out. I lost all of my possessions because I couldn’t figure out a way to put them in storage. I don’t ever want that to happen to me again. That’s why I’m in assisted living. I get the services of a med tech here. I’m not going to overdose with a med tech on the job.

Heck, I’m just glad to be alive.

It’s the following morning, and I’d like to begin again with an attitude of gratitude. All my basic needs are met. I have no aches, no pains, except for a little discomfort with my dentures in one spot. The dentist took care of that. I’ll have to treat that spot with ointment before meals for a little while. Hope it helps. I’m confident that the dentist knows what she’s doing. I feel good about life today.

It’s “like” Wednesday, and all us writers are all trying to give every other writer enough “likes” that maybe Amazon will stand up and take notice of us. I think the coveted threshold is a total of 50 “likes” on one story. I’m nowhere near, but one fellow got lucky already. If any of us could reach that plateau, well, it’s just a nice thing to see everyone working in the same direction.

There’s just a little bit of rain outside this morning. Nothing too much. One doesn’t get particularly wet going out into the weather today. The air temperature is moderate, and a light jacket is plenty to wear, along with my usual hat.

I paid all my bills and got that weight off my shoulders. I’m no longer procrastinating about writing my bills. The checks are in the mail, and I don’t need to concern myself further with that issue until next month. My birthday is coming up this Sunday, and I’m looking forward to having a nice day of relaxation and fun talking to my sister on the phone and whatnot.

My article about saving money by living in this assisted living facility, which was published in the residents’ newsletter this month, is quite the hit around here. Of course, there are the usual complainers and scoffers, but who cares about them? I know I’m getting along like a bandit living here, with all of my needs met so thoroughly as they do for us here. Every one of my needs is more than adequately provided for under the one monthly bill. It’s a privilege to live in such a nice place. It caters to the individual needs of each client, and I’m delighted with how I’m being treated personally.

You should see our afternoon. The sun’s out, and it’s just beautiful here at assisted living. The clouds have dissipated and the day is like springtime. It’s a wonder.


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