Two Men

There were two men getting together for the fellowship of the matter, of an evening. They were just a couple of guys spending some time together for the fun of it, for the joy of interacting together. It’s called friendship. There are times in this world for men to enjoy each others company. There is a place for that in this world, just like there is a place in this world for many men to have a family.

The two men get together for the purpose of sharing a few moments of their lives with each other. It happens all the time. In fact, part of the refreshment of it is that it has nothing to do with sex, unless you’d like to consider whatever humor is exchanged between the two of them in the process of the evening. These men are old enough to have jokes about marriage and children.

Many men participate in this activity in the context of something having to do with sports and alcohol, but Barry and Bill got together about musicianship and the practice of avoiding the sauce altogether. It’s not so much different than many of the things a lot of men share together throughout their lives.

There are many organizations which promote various activities where men can interact.

Barry had a significantly difficult past, and Bill had some similar difficulties, to an extent. They talked with a considerable ease of understanding of each other, and both seemed to enjoy their evening immensely. The thing about Barry and Bill was that their pasts were both involved in getting too drunk too often, and that was just enough mutual difficulty to provide for a certain forum between them to build a friendship on.

Bill was new at the idea of avoiding drinking, although he seemed to enjoy having a sober existence so far, after only a short period of time. Barry was trying to help Bill to build a stronger stance at staying sober, since Barry had much more of a background in sobriety than Bill did.

The thing about sobriety, in Barry’s life, is that it’s based in his spiritual beliefs, principles, and experiences. He shared some of his ideas on the issue, so that Bill could know some of his experience, strength and hope. Barry believes that God threatened to destroy him if he had anything more to drink. There’s a difference between simply dying, and being destroyed.

Barry doesn’t mind dying, if that’s what he has to do. Everyone has to do that, sooner or later. His future is in God’s hands, anyway. But when Barry dies, he wants to look forward to going to God. The thing that Barry wants to avoid is having to exist without God. Barry believes that death is not necessarily the end of existence, and death is not necessarily a matter of doing without God. The idea is that his drinking would result in his eternal destruction, or having to do without God forever, which is what eternal destruction is in the first place. This was the concept that had propelled Barry’s sobriety for nearly thirty years.

Barry had recently purchased a new guitar, which Bill played with some considerable pleasure. Bill said it was like spreading butter. It’s a luxurious instrument. It is a joy to both men to be able to enjoy playing a good instrument now and then. Bill is a lot more active as a musician than Barry is

When Barry had gotten together with John last summer, the two men had gone to the Guitar Center for Barry to pick up the new instrument out of all his options in the store. Barry had some issues about losing his guitar, and not having the use of his left hand for awhile.

About four and a half years ago, Barry had a bad fall, which had badly sprained his chording hand. He was virtually incapable of playing guitar for the entire four and a half years since. It caused him to forget all his songs, having been a songwriter in the first place. Now, Barry is involved in trying to wake up his interest in playing, so that he’ll more naturally return to his old habit, which he seems to have lost for the moment.

The other thing was that Barry was a victim of some foul play, about a couple of years ago, and had lost his other instrument altogether. It was a wonder he didn’t lose his life along with it. There were a couple of young people who had gotten a big idea about how to get their names in Barry’s will, and then arrange to kill him out-right. Barry ended up losing all of his possessions, including his old guitar, as well as many other prize possessions. The idea that moving to another area made the man more secure, was a comforting concept to the man, himself.

Notice.  This story has been elaborated on in Kindle Direct Publishing, and is a full length five thousand word short story.  It’s in the process of passing thru KDP’s initiation, and does not necessarily have cover graphics at this time.  It will be live on KDP by sometime tomorrow.  Check it out. (Two Legged) (Memoirs of a Flower Child) (Damn Yankee) (Awakening My Muse) (Hockenschmidt) (Life on the Inside) (Passenger) (Remembrance) (What’s In a Name) (Deer) (Scatter-Brains) (Horse Girl) (Psychotherapist) (Institution) (Writer) (Oxygen Sisters) (Road Trip) (Considering the Day) (Alice and Victoria) (Barry and Al) (Two Men)


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