Ringing the Bell

There is an aroma of success in the air today. Or is that just his old blue genes, walking around by themselves by now? The coffee was great, the meal a success. Everything is going his way. He’s finally free to find himself some peace to work in, without pushing the envelope too hard. He finds some folks to share his joy with along the way, and then goes off to his own private space to do some more work. The editor said the boss loved his submission for the newsletter. There has always been at least one problem or another with the boss about what our freelance writer has submitted so far. But not this time. She even thinks she wants to use the piece for new residents’ orientation purposes. Our boy really rang the bell this time!

It’s a time of celebration and good feelings to be shared and enjoyed. The understanding involved in making a presentable story for the whole house to read has been growing on him for quite some time now. The article has to be generalized for everyone. It should be no more than about a page long or so, and should be of general interest. Finally, he’s achieved his goal. There was no censorship, no discontentment. The entire presentation was accepted as is. The boss loved it. Awesome! There is another article for the annals of success for our freelancer, right there in the editor’s hands, good to go.

All it is, is a little article about all the financial advantages of living here, with our overall program at assisted living. Residents have a tendency to feel like they’re paying too much for what they get here, but my article chronicled all the advantages inherent in living here. It was a gratitude piece, being thankful for all the advantages we enjoy everyday. It was not overstated, either. It was just a practical piece, listing so many services that we all enjoy here at assisted living. In order to arrange for all these services elsewhere, it would be tricky to duplicate for the same price and same amount of luxury and comfort. We’ve got a lot going for us for our buck.

Having been destitute and floundering in this world in the past, our scribe knows his subject matter from the ground up. He’s been in the position of having to reckon his assets when they’ve amounted to a nickel and a couple of smokes, and that was about the sum and total of his reckoning at the time.

Here he has offered a reasonable argument for the inspection of everybody in the place. Maybe a few of the regular gripers will find themselves taken up short, or maybe even a little bit more satisfied about our lot here, with the some of the points our freelancer has added up for the entire house. Try the reasonable transportation to important places and cable TV, across the board, for everyone who lives here, for starters. Try having several choices of what to eat, three times per day, without having to do anything but sit down and ask for it.

Of course, this is not the place to publish the other entire document, but think about it. The freelancer is learning about things like how to write for his audience. The other thing is that he’s getting some practice fleshing out are some characterizations in a story line. He’s chosen a couple of really nice people he knows, to describe to his readers, and has come up with an entire short story of five thousand words over the attempt. He’s waiting to hear the criticism of that work now. He expects it won’t be too negative. He’s well on his way to becoming more of a writer all the time.


About geostan51

I'm a wordsmith and a craftsman. I've been known to hand crochet just about anything escept granny squares. I've got about twenty titles in my name on the Kindle Store at Amazon.com.
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