Getting Along II

We’re getting along pretty well these days here at Brighton Gardens. We’ve all never had it so good as we do at Brighton Gardens in this day and time.

One thing that puts us way ahead of the financial game is not needing to own a personal car as residents of Brighton Gardens. It’s not a requirement that we cannot have cars, though. It’s one of our options. Cars are expensive. Gasoline prices are headed to $5 per gallon by the end of the year, at the very latest. Brighton Gardens provides reasonable transportation to the few places we have a need to go to, like to doctors offices and some local social excursions. They provide us all with basic cable TV. Sure, we probably pay something for both advantages in our monthly bill, but they’re both taken care of it all on the one monthly fee.

We’re getting along, saving money, doing very little extra spending. We get along with all of our needs being met, knowing at least a ballpark figure of what our needs are going to cost us ahead of time, like getting our medications administered by a professional, or having extra personal needs met by care managers.

We’re eating and sleeping on a regular schedule. Also, keep in our hair neatly trimmed, as well as getting manicures and pedicures done regularly is all taken care of right here in the building. There’s a professional beautician who has a shop here, who takes expert care of those things, and they’re paid for in the regular monthly overhead. The other thing that’s included in our monthly overhead is a voluntary trip to a restaurant about once per week, at the most. We get to go out to eat at lunch time now and then. We can defer payment to our monthly overhead, like most of the other things we do.

There’s a weekly shopping trip to the local stores, where we can get some incidentals, like coffee grounds and sodas. There are those of us who have to take care to keep our supplies up to date with the once per week shopping schedule. It’s a very simple challenge.

Someone else cleans our suites once per week. Someone else does our laundry for us once per week, too. There are several foods to choose from in a sumptuous menu for every meal of every day. We always have choices about what we’re going to eat. The entire population gathers for meals, which are cooked and served to us, as though we were patrons in a public restaurant. Someone else also cleans up after our meals. In addition, there are certain staples which are kept in stock in our kitchen, not necessarily listed on our sumptuous menu, but are normally available nonetheless. Our dining room is elegantly appointed with cloth table napkins and either a cloth place mat or full table cloth, for every meal, three times per day. We have real silverware to eat with, and elegant china to eat off of. We also have the option to call down for room service anytime we’d like to have our privacy or are not feeling well. It’s all covered in the same overhead.

Another advantage we have here at Brighton Gardens is an extraordinary activities department, who arrange all sorts of activities and entertainment available to all residents, as a part of our enhanced living experience within our walls, as well as in the community at large. But none of the activities are mandatory. We always have a choice about which activities we’ll participate in. We get live musicians performing various styles of music, live Bible study, and various types of live worship services. We get various types of supervised exercises tailored to suit the special needs of the elderly, and various crafts and games we can participate in if we’d like. We get Bingo in the evening, most evenings, and we have a movie on Sunday night. We do not have assigned seats in the dining room, which gives us all the liberty to sit with the company we choose, and develop friendships within our own personal preference.

On the one hand, you might say that Brighton Gardens is an expensive place to live, but the only things we’re spending cash out of pocket for are a few incidentals. Everything else is covered by the one overhead, and our overhead is not all that bad. I see my bill every month, and the cost of living here does not over-shadow the benefits of living here.

We’ve never had it so good as we do now under the Sunrise Senior Living system.


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