Author Interview with Markus Orlyus

Please give us your name. Markus Orlyus

What started you writing? Birth. Quite a painful process to have your bones squeezed like so much toothpaste, torn from warmth and intravenous food to a world of razor sharp air and light. All writing comes from pain.

What do your friends/family think of you now being a published author? Well, I’m not. Though I have been published and have had one play produced so far, I don’t think of myself that way. I know my family won’t consider me a published author until I buy them all houses. One of the things I love about my family is that they keep my head from ballooning.

What kind of feedback have you had? Hatred, vitriol, rejection, not too much envy. Some thumbs up. The occasional paycheck. You have to be really thickheaded or skinned to write for a living.

What’s your part of the world like and does this influence your writing? I don’t have a part of the world, thank (fill in the blank). My earliest memories are watching the road disappear out the back window of a car and none of my other memories have really stuck since then. I’ve traveled in 54 countries and would like to see 150 or so more before I die. My lack of place has had some influence my writing or vice versa.

Which writers do you admire and read? Kafka, Stendahl, Tolstoy, of course. I feel bad for Marcus Aurelius – he never meant anyone to read all that drivel. It was his private diary and Greek practice book and somebody leaked it to the press. Embarassing. The best contemporary writers are all bloggers.

What’s your Christmas wish? For Christmas to go away. I’d like a mid-winter festival without all the weight of irrelevant culture heaped on it. My son loves Christmas though, so I’ll give it a pass.

What’s coming next from you? Writing a new play about Billy the Kid and how devastating hero worship can be. Since Herodotus, history has been a parade of paper heroes and Herodotus was magnificent but it is time to put all that away if we want to survive.


Markus Orlyus is a stoic, cynic, skeptic, and a professional copywriter. He writes about travel and history at


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