Author Interview with Dan Wright

What started you writing?

From an early age, I always loved reading stories about dragons and knights and the like – I liked stories about King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. Later in my life, I started reading Greek and Egyptian mythology, before becoming inspired by Japanese mythology and Manga. At school the only subject I was any good at was English, to it makes sense that I would want to pursue a career in writing. Plus I tend to have an overactive imagination. I tend to come up with about five different ideas for books a day – although most of them usually aren’t very good!
What do your friends/family think of you now being a published author?

I get a lot of my friends and work colleagues saying “oh, you’re going to be famous Dan”. People even ask me to sign a copy of the book for when I’m famous. I don’t know if it will ever GET to that, but it’s pretty awesome.

What kind of feedback have you had?

Generally it’s been very positive. I guess the bulk of the positive feedbacks come from the artwork in the book, which many agree brings the story to life and say that it adds something new to the book. A lot of people have told me that they really like one of the characters, Zarracka – and she’s the villain! To be fair though, she is my favourite character to write as she is kinda like the femme fatale of the book – but overly goofy as well. It’s nice to have that kind of variation in a villain.

What’s your part of the world like and does this influence your writing?

Being from the UK, I guess it works out that I would be interested in the sort of medieval fantasy as UK is rich with history, like The Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare, Thomas Beckett, Robin Hood and all. Although if I’m being honest, most of my influences tend to come from Manga and Anime as my writing style was heavily inspired by that. I like to write stuff that is dramatic, but doesn’t always take itself seriously and Manga is great for that.

Which writers do you admire and read?

Douglas Adams is my favourite author of all time. I also like Alan Moore, H.P Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, Joss Whedon and Japanese Manga author/artist Hiromu Arakawa. Currently I’m reading the A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin – which I highly recommend. The author I would say I have the most respect for is Terry Pratchett. He’s created arguably the most beloved fantasy series of all time, yet he is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He’s had a bit of bad press lately (due to his association with Dignitas), but you can’t deny that the man is a fantastic writer and his works will be loved for years to come.

What’s your Christmas wish?

I would love it if my book was made into a film – although I think it would have to be an animated film for it to do it justice.

What’s coming next from you?

I have a sequel planned and two other books set in the same world as my first one (one is already out, the other out soon). I plan to expand on the world I created and create a sort of “shared universe”, whereby the characters will interact with each other at some point. It’s an ongoing thing but hopefully it will work.


Dan Wright’s first book Trapped on Draconica, is out now through paperback and ebook. For more information on this book, visit

You can also find out more information about the author and his works at

Follow him on Twitter: @PandragonDan



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